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Chapter 3: A Touch of Nostalgia

“You would think being a real live faerie princess would make your story fairy-tale-life-like, but fairy tales only endwell. While the story is going on, horrible things happen. Remember Rapunzel? Her prince got…blinded. Rapunzel’s tears magically restored his sight, but that was at the end of the story. Cinderella was little better than a slave. Snow White was actually nearly killed four different times by the evil queen… Pick any fairy tale that’s based on older stories, and the heroine of the piece has a miserable, dangerous, nightmarish time of it.” –Princess Meredith NicEssus

Daylight was fading when they finally made it to Teirm.

Saphira and Eragon initially wanted to make a beeline for Gil’ead, which would take just six hours and place them in Gil’ead before dinner. However, Arya told them that Ura’baen was in the way. If Murtagh and Galbatorix were to see them, then they were as good as dead. So, after a brief debate, they decided to fly to Teirm, take a rest, and head to Gil’ead the next day.

And that was five hours ago. Five hours of being next to Arya. Five hours of having her arm strapped to Eragon’s waist. Five hours of Eragon’s face being red as a raspberry. Eragon wasn’t sure if he was in heaven or hell. Maybe both. Countless times, Eragon had heard Saphira make a coughing noise which Eragon knew to be a badly repressed snicker or laugh. Eragon wanted to get up and hamstring her, but he couldn’t…for obvious reasons. And during the midst of it all, Arya merely looked down at the land below, admiring the scenery, content to remain silent amidst the flight.

They soon landed in a cave that was conveniently hidden from view by the mountains which bordered Teirm. Saphira would spend the night, hunting for herself, while Eragon and Arya would enter the city, get a meal, stay at an inn, and resume their journey for Gil’ead in the morning.

“Moi,” Eragon whispered, concentrating on his face. He felt his cheek bones pop downward, his ears become round, his jaw become ragged. Beside him, Arya did the same.

As they made their way to the city, Arya gave a sigh of contentment.

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    Man i can’t understand why people won’t leave a comment. Nice work! Please add more!

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