"He looked at me, and then, the story began…"

Insane Martyrdom

                I am just an ordinary teen, from a middle class family and with the simplest dream of just finishing school. During my student life, I always write this on the first page of almost all my notes:

                        To Do List:

                                                                        Study Hard

                        Finish School       

                        Earn Money

                        Establish Myself


            Written at the bottom part, with the smallest font size is “love”. I always thought it was never necessary to have love and it’s just a waste of time. But this outlook changed when I met Raffy…

            From the very first moment he laid his eyes upon me, I thought he’s the one. The warmth of his stare and his deep, dark, velvety eyes, seem to welcome me in his life. I was right. He was the one —- “he was”.

            I never thought that my dream romantic partner would change. He was no longer the man I thought would be the one, the one I visualized my future with, the one who was supposed to make me happy… He broke me. He brought me endless pain and torture. My heart which once loved too much, now is drowning in tears…

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