"He looked at me, and then, the story began…"

That afternoon, he waited outside our room. When I got out, he looked at me straight in the eyes. Everything seemed to stop moving and everything faded. He walked towards me as I stood frozen.

            “Jane…” he said softly. This was the very first time I felt very happy upon hearing my name being called. He walked with me to our house and bid me goodbye.

            The next happenings were the usual things that were expected. We became friends, I meant really, really, really close friends, had dates and we became committed.

            I fell head over heals over him. I was totally, deeply in love with Raffy – my Raffy. He was sweet, caring, understanding, open – minded, intelligent, had a great sense of humor and he loves me. Well, as far as what he told me, he really does love me.

            Our romantic times were perfect. He was perfect. The way he says my name, the way he looks at me and smiles, and the way he looks straight into my eyes and says the words I’d never get tired of hearing every second. He made me the happiest and luckiest girl. I often say to myself that he is the one for me.

            One significant, unforgettable day of my life, our 2nd anniversary, we decided to meet in our usual meeting place at 7pm… It was a fine evening, there were stars and the moon was at its fullest. I arrived there first. I sat on a bench waiting for him, thinking of what might be his plans for the night.

            9:00 pm; he did not arrive. I was feeling hot tears already rolling down my cheeks. I told myself he must have a good reason for him not being able to arrive. I walked home alone and in grief.

            The wind was chilly, the sidewalks were already deserted. My mind was busy thinking about him. I couldn’t get myself angry with him. I really love him…

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