They call themselves their friends…

Sandara sighed as she watched TOP shooting hoops with his team mates in the gym, 5 months after their joint basketball camp.

Having TOP as a boyfriend has more perks than already was. Sandara noted.

For one, TOP’s so fine kisser…no, fine would be an understatement. It would surely be TOP’s the best kisser in the whole wide world. That she can attest.

How many times did she contemplate on giving her virginity up?




Countless in fact.

God, everytime his lips touched hers, her brain was in total wrecked. Her heart was thumping like crazy. She was like having fever.

If only she got Tiffany’s hell-with-them-attitude she would surely be kissing TOP or even groping him in public. Should she be thankful of that or not?

Watching TOP far away made her wonder how he was in bed.

Will he be good?

Maybe best?

God, this was the effect TOP brought to her—“pervertism”, if there’s such a word.


It would be so hypocrite of him, if he wouldn’t admit that many times his pervert self was chastising of his being too slow, for him being too gentleman…

TOP took the chance of watching Sandara who was now practicing their cheers, as he was wiping the sweat soaking his jersey. His heart always has this unusual thumping whenever his eyes fixed on Sandara. He couldn’t believe that he was actually going out with a Barbie Doll leader.

Wasn’t he telling his friends that she’s not his type? Fortunately for him that Sandara’s public image was so far from what she is. She may look cold and b.itchy on the outside, but she’s so far from it.

She’s special.

Barbie doll that kicked ass on the court. He smiled as he remembered her playing ball two weeks ago with the other school. There’s undeniably different kind of aura enveloping her when on court. She and her friends knew how to manipulate the game. They pawned their enemy on the court.

That made Sandara sexy; her being no nonsense in the court. The way she looked at her friends and team mates while she was holding the ball.

Too bad that there’s no national women basketball team or else Sandara and her friends were more than qualified to be on that team.

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  • jaehhon.lhars on Jan 27, 2010

    Thanks for the new chaps…..
    I want more TOP~ Dara moments hehehhe, am I asking too much? I hope not….
    I guess you’re updating here faster than in soompi…that’s why I also check here…
    Looking forward for the next chaps….
    Thanks ^^

  • iznaberry on Jan 27, 2010

    here again! ;) awww. teri, don’t worry! I love leaving comments on my fave fics .. ;) I always find myself smiling! :) IM HWAITING FOR THE ENDING! cozz you said that you have a DBSK-Dara fic .. haha. ;)



  • chaq on Jan 27, 2010

    I love it,,
    can’t get enough of TOP and Dara togetherness~~~
    I’m soo gonna stalk this blog of yours,,, hehehe..
    thanks for the new chapter… and update soon~~
    bubbye :D


  • lotipanget on Jan 27, 2010

    what\’s wrong with not having sex? sheesh!

    To Sandara and Top,

    Take your time! Don\’t do it just because of your friends… hehe! you two should know the perfect time for that!

  • 0245 on Jan 28, 2010

    LOL ! i love it !

    Top and Sandara MUCH LOVE!! don\’t need you go fast slow and steady wins the race ;) hehehe

    love the chapters you uploaded please update soon !!

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