Play ball!

“You don’t look good.” Tiffany was looking intently at Sandara as they were driving towards the basketball court where TOP and his friends were waiting. “Are you sure about this?” She asked.

“Girl, we have to postpone the game.” SooYoung stated then reinstated watching Sandara shaking her head, “Okay, you don’t have to play. Let us handle—“

“No, I have to play. You’re short in one player if I won’t play.” Sandara interrupted, coughing. “Don’t worry about me. We still have time. Just let me get a short nap until we arrive, okay? ”

The girls looked at each other and stared worriedly at their hard-headed friend. They couldn’t convince her otherwise when her mind is set. That’s Sandara Park.

These past few days it was doubled along with being grouchy and moody. Their fear was starting to be slowly being confirmed. Sandara was going to have an asthma attack…they were just waiting for it to happen. And by the looks of it, Sandara was going to need more than nap…she’s freaking pale.

She cursed the coach when she was told to sit and rest for the last quarter after watching she was having a hard time focusing her attention by her constant coughing and dead pale skin.

HyoYeon sighed and was fidgeting. Times like this she felt so helpless. Sandara was almost not sleeping for days now. She can hear Sandara’s tossing and turning, her constant coughing and her hard breathing. The problem was that Sandara didn’t experience those things for years now. They remembered she had asthma attack was when her mother died and after she was almost kidnapped.

Yuri shook her head as she remembered the only 2 occasions that this thing happened and the common denominator was the so-called stress. Stress does trigger the attack and tonight they would certainly expect Sandara would be down with asthma. She punched in Leeteuk’s number and texted him about the game. They need a backup…and Sandara’s older brother’s the perfect backup plan for them.

Yuri found herself texting LeeTeuk.


“Are you sure they’re coming?” HyunJoong asked as he watched TOP shooting hoops. He checked his watch. “They’re 30 minutes late.” Just on cue, a black van pulled over on the other side of the road and after a few minutes, 5 masked guys and one boy were walking towards them. “Here they are.”

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  • chaq on Feb 5, 2010

    thanks for the update!!!
    love it.. it’s sooo intense…
    gosh, I know TOP knew…
    what’s gonna happen next?????????
    sandara’ll faints.. I think,, but, maybe not?

    anyway… update soon~~ :) :D


  • lotipanget on Feb 5, 2010

    oh my gee…. so does Top knew from the start of the game that it was Dara’s group they’re competing with or only after he noticed that one of their opponents was not feeling well and he called for Timeout?

    exciting!!!! can’t wait for the next chapter!!!!!

  • Cincha on Feb 6, 2010

    Omo omo omo!
    They know!
    Gah. seriously can’t wait for the next chapter…
    what’s gonna happen:O

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