Asthma Attack.

Sandara was vehemently shaking her head as she’s clutching her chest.

“What are you thinking?!” Tiffany was sure getting irritated on how bull headed Sandara can be, but couldn’t she at least for once back down and gives in to them? For Pete’s sake! She’s wheezing like crazy now! “Sandara—“

“This is serious…” SooYoung said as she shoved the inhaler to Sandara’s already cold and pale hands. “Sandy, let’s stop the game. Please…” She was now practically begging.

Sandara was continuing shaking her head.

“You can’t be stupid to actually continue with your…”

“Please…” Her voice was faint and hardly audible. She knew she’s definitely not fit to play now. She was shaking her head since it’s the only thing her body can respond to her, for now. Her heart’s palpitation was actually on her throat now. She could taste the yucky phlegm on her tongue on every cough she makes. Last thing she wanted now was to act as stupid to continue playing. “I…” Before she could continue, fear was now streaking through her mask as she pulled it off her face. All her brain was screaming, “give me air!”

She’s catching her breath and frantically shaking her inhaler to fight off the time before it’s too late. She shook her head, “call oppa—“Then she passed out.

“No! No!”


“My dream is to be a member of national basketball team and represent our country like my uncle.”

“Why are you here, I mean, if you want to be a play professionally then why not in SCU?”

“Well, blame it to the stupid bet we made with those mute, strange guys.”

“I’m sorry…”

That conversation echoed in TOP’s head as he watched Sandara from the doorway. He knew that it’s the conversation, it’s how much he blamed the mute guys that pushed Sandara to do as stupid thing as this. He took a deep breath and leaned on the door after he closed it. Watching her like was like tearing his heart into pieces. The only girl he loves most doesn’t deserve to be on that bed. Tears welling his eyes.

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  • smilecha on Feb 6, 2010

    oh my gadd, dont tell me TOP’s dad will force sandy to stay away from TOP so he can transfer to SCU, no no no, this can’t be happen.. poor sandy…

  • lotipanget on Feb 6, 2010

    oh chizzzwhizzzzz!!!

    daddy’s against the relationship??? well, not really the relationship but you get what I mean.

    what what what what’s gonna happen next?!!!

    can’t wait!!!!

  • HEE on Feb 6, 2010

    waaaaaaaaa…. it’s getting exciting!!!! update soon

  • Cincha on Feb 6, 2010

    Oh no!
    I bet TOP’s dad is going to say something to Dara and then she’ll feel guilty and then it will drive her away from TOP!
    LOL!…but of course that’s just my prediction…
    Aigoooo…tsk tsk tsk.
    what will happen?
    do update soon please!…lol

  • chaq on Feb 6, 2010

    I’m soo frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what’s with TOP’s dad visit sandara suddenly?????
    I knew it, things will go down, and keep goin’ down,, make it even more intense and frustrating..!!!!!!!! >.<!!!!

    update soon,,, thank you :)


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