Florida, where the city meets the wilderness, and for Disney fans, where mystery meets magic. Nothing is more true for the selected DHI’s, or the Kingdom Keepers who have a bigger responsibility than just remembering when to return to to use their FastPass. They have to constantly keep the forces of Disney’s most villainous characters at bay. They recently created a game, (with the help of Wayne, the oldest Imagineer, still with Disney) where everyday kids can help defeat the Overtakers. VMN. With the original five Kingdom keepers busy hard at work, it’s up to the new ones to protect Disney.

Chapter 8

The five kids finally together, meant they could all work together and use their strengths as one. Although they have only been together for a couple of days their team work proves to be ultimate weapon against the Overtakers. Wayne had given them the information they needed for the time being. They understood what it meant to be an Ohana.

Alice fired the cannon at the hull and the ducked, pulling Kat down with her to take cover.

Kat was ducking with Alice. Kat started breathing in and out.. “Ok, ok, OK.. what do we do now, we are fighting against a fully armed pirate ship, and and.” Kat stopped talking and looked down at her shoes, like she always did when she was unsure

Donovan put a cannonball in the cannon, “Does anybody know if there is any oil on the ship?” He asked. Jet pointed towards the back of the deck, Donovan pushed the barrel over and rolled it to the cannon opened the top and put oil on the ball, then grabbed a match and lit the ball on fire and fired.

Brian saw the cannonball rip through the hull of the enemy ship. It lit on fire and began to sink toward the ground. “We did it!” he shouted.

Donovan saw that his plan had worked, “Yes!!” He said, then high fived Brian. “You haven’t seen the last of us!” Hook said, “We’ll be waiting!” Donovan said. Donova nthen walked over to the rest of the group, “So… what now?”

“can we please get down..” Kat said as she looked like she was going to puke, “I don’t think i like heights much anymore”

Alice got up and smiled widely at all the others on the boat. “We did it, you guys!” she shouted happily. “I don’t know how we did it,” she admitted, laughing as she did so. “But we did it!”

“Great job you guys are working like a team.” A voice behind us said. Donovan turned around to see it was Wayne, “Wayne! what are you doing here?” He asked. Wayne shrugged, “Someone has to keep watch of you kids.” Wayne said. “Well.. if your supposed to be watching us can you tell us [i]how[i] exactly we got here, Donovan asked.

“I’ll explain, but how about we celebrate first?” Wayne said, walking towards the firehouse.

“No. I am not going anywhere untill you tell me something. I will not end up in the sky again, or attacked by a knight, ghosts, and freakin captain hook. Now listen hear old man, You texted me and told me to go to bed, I went to bed and almost got myself killed. So either you tell me now, or I will do everything possible to never see your face again.” Kat said.

“Wayne!” Alice said happily. “Omigoodness Wayne, whats going on? I need to know. Please, tell us. Tell us anything.” She rushed towards him, as if to hug him with her arms wide open, then stopped herself. “And, who is this??” she asked, pointing to Donovan. She followed step with Wayne as he headed for the firehouse.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I”m Donovan, but my friends call me Don.. or Dono… or Donnie.” (XD) Donovan said. “What’s your name?

Alice smiled at him. “I’m Alice, it’s nice to meet you.”

“You too” Donovan replied, “And who are you?” He said pointing at Kat.

“My name is Katherine, but NO one can call me that, not even mr. old guy over there. It’s Kat.”"I’m still not going with you before your get carried away Wayne, not untill you say something.” At that Kat sat down in the middle of the path they were walking.

“Fine, It’s time you all learn why we created the DHI system, We, The other Imagineers and I, created the program as a way to find out what is happening in the park, you see, 4 night ago a tool shop was broken into, but when the authorites checked the tape there was no one there, one second the stuff is on the shelf the next.. gone. We believe that this is because some of the attractions, mainly the villians, have come to life at night, and have found a way out of the park, we created you to stop them.” Wayne said, “Any questions?”

“Okay Katherine. That’s fine by me, Katherine. Oh, sorry I called you Katherine, Katherine.” Brian said, trying to be annoying. “And I understand, Wayne.”

Kat stared at her shoes, unsure of what to say about what Wayne said. After Brian spoke though, Kat was angry. “Fine then.” she said as she stared at Brian. She got up and started to walk in the other direction.

“Oh, come on! I was just messin’ with ya! It’s what I do!” Brian said, noticing he had struck a nerve.

Donovan stood there completely flabbergasted, but saw Kat leaving and went to stop her, “Kat wait, don’t leave Brian was just trying to mess with you.” Donovan said, and noticed she looked scared. ” It’s ok to be scared, but as long as we’re together nothing will stop us!”

“I’m not scared, “Kat said looking at her shoes, still walking without turning around.

Donovan ran in front of her, “What’s wrong? You can trust us, we promise we can help, but you’ve got to tell us first.” Donovan said.

“Awww, Kat, it’s ok, I don’t think Brian meant to hurt your feelings. Plus, come on I’m here with you,” Alice smiled at her and tried to be charming. “We’ll get answers, I’m sure.”

“Yeah. And as long as we’re together, nothing bad can happen, because we’re an Ohana.” Brian said.

Kat was stopped and she knew there was no way around Donovan, but she wanted to leave. She just wanted to go think. There was something about the way Donovan, Alice, and Brian were trying to stop her that almost reassured her but, she wanted to just sleep. Plus Katherine, ugh she hated that. No one, besides her parents called her that, and she could tell how well that worked for them, they were probably to busy to notice that she was at Disney all day again. Oh well. Kat looked up at Alice and Donovan staring at her waiting for her to respond, and then at Brian and Jet. She didn’t know what to say…

Alice made the sad, pouty eyes. “Please, Kat? I would have never made it out of the Haunted Mansion if it hadn’t been for you… We need you..” she said.

Kat just stared.. pouty eyes really. This is just rediculous.. Kat looked around again. Kat sighed and looked up at them all. “Well since i obviously wont be getting to bed anytime soon.” Kat got up, and quickly was ahead of them all, leaving them standing there staring at her.

Donovan walk over to Kat,”You look tired, maybe we should get to bed… Hey! what school do you guys go to?” Donovan said, not even knowing if there was a way back to bed or not. Wayne noticed this, “If you guys want a way back come this way.” He said, walking to the firehouse.

Alice tried to catch up. “Sorry, I know my pouty eyes kind of fail, I’m not cute enough to pull it off,” she laughed and rubbed the back of her head. She kept up with Kat. “But, I did mean what I said about you.”

“Thanks.” Kat started to slow down, realizing that they were all trying to keep up with her.

Alice laughed again. “Sorry, we’re like.. all crowding you.”

“Well, we still need some answers. Like how often will this happen, and how do we get back home.” Brian stated.

“sorry I’m grumpy tonight, I’ve been up since 5am.. but obviously now its not my fault anymore.” Kat turned and looked at Wayne again. “Yea I would like some answers too, I think we all have showned we deserve some.”

“Yeah, that’d be nice,” Alice said. “And, like, why were all glowing? It scared me so badly earlier. I was in the Haunted Mansion and I thought I was one of the ghosts, it scared the socks off of me.” She looked down at her tights. “Sorry, Im not wearing socks.”

Kat looked down at Alice’s marry janes, “you should probably take those off, they probably kill..” Then she paused, “You fell asleep in Mary Janes?” Then she burst out laughing.

“Wait! Wayne said he created the DHI program to come to life at night, does that mean… WE are our DHI’s!” Donovan said in shock.

“I was on AIM with Jet and I just layed down for a bit and then I fell asleep…” she laughed, scratching the back of her head. “I didn’t mean to. I never even ate dinner. I’m starving. And, I don’t really need to take them off. I wear them like everyday, so I’m used to it.”
When she heard Donovan she gasped. “Omigod that would make complete sense!”

Kat looked at Wayne.. “Well?”

Kat wasn’t sure if she wanted totally out anymore.. wasn’t this what she wanted, an escape from reality. Isn’t this why she spent all her days in Disney. Kat began to wonder off again in thoughts, but she was still aware of her surroundings.

W-what is that.” Donovan asked looking at the button. “This is your one way ticket out, you’ll need if you’re ever in trouble because you Will be back.”Wayne said, giving the button to Jet “Just press this button and you’ll wake up in your bed.” Wayne said.

“So thats it. Thats all your going to say?” Kat’s tiredness and angriness was back again.

“I’m sure he’ll tell us more when the time comes. No need to get angry.” Brian said.

“Yea ok..” Kat was getting sleepier by the minute. “So are we going to go. And do we want to meet up or something tomorrow.. well i guess its today by now?”

“Wait, everyone hold the presses,” Alice said, raising her hands in anxiety. “What if we aren’t actually here? What do you think Mr. Kresky did, kidnap us?” She looked around at all of them like ‘am i the only one who thought of that?’ “What if we aren’t actually here? What if we’re only our DHI’s? Like, we’re still in bed, but now that our real bodies are at rest, we’re here as DHI’s. In two places at once,” she said, her anxiety increasing. She drew a deep breath and asked, “Wayne, is that true?”
Wayne smiled at them like she’d just told him the answer to a bad joke. “You’ll just have to find out,” he said. And with that, he clicked the fob.

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