Florida, where the city meets the wilderness, and for Disney fans, where mystery meets magic. Nothing is more true for the selected DHI’s, or the Kingdom Keepers who have a bigger responsibility than just remembering when to return to to use their FastPass. They have to constantly keep the forces of Disney’s most villainous characters at bay. They recently created a game, (with the help of Wayne, the oldest Imagineer, still with Disney) where everyday kids can help defeat the Overtakers. VMN. With the original five Kingdom keepers busy hard at work, it’s up to the new ones to protect Disney.

Chapter 9

Alice’s school day went too slow. It took ages to get to lunch, and even then, the crowds seemed to be battling her to keep her from getting to her lunch table. She slid into the table and onto the cold blue metal bench. The whole day was in slowmotion compared to the night before.
Was it all even real? Was it a dream? She had to contact the others and find out, and the soonest she could do this was to talk to Jet. He should have been there any moment.
She hoped he wouldn’t think she was crazy. Most people did that when she tried to tell them how she went to Wonderland, how she had followed a white rabbit down the rabbit hole. They all looked at her like a mental case, and it was fine because she didn’t care so much about them– chances were she would never see them again. But with Jet it was different, they were so close, and she didn’t want to ruin that.

Kat woke up in her bed, which she was happy to do. She looked at her clock. 8am.. “Wow” she said aloud, “I guess I’m kind of late for school, and my parents kind of forgot to check on me.. Lovely.” She got up and instantly felt dizzy. She sat back down again and took a minute to make sure she was ok. She stood back up. Kat began to ponder where she should go now, since she couldn’t go late to school without a note from her parents and she couldn’t have them sign a “paper” aka excuse note, till they got home. She decided she would venture into Magic Kingdom. She had some exploring to do.

Kat walked to the gates of the magic kingdom and showed Frank her pass. Yea Kat knew them all by names by now and they knew her. Frank stared at her and said, “Kat..skipping school sweetheart?” Kat needed an excuse so she gave him a charmer smile and said, “Maybe, I have something important to take care of.” Frank just looked at her and let her in.
Kat decided to check out the Haunted Mansion first. She started walking towards it.
When Kat got to the mansion, she saw a sign out front. It said “Closed For Repairs. Will Be Open Tomorrow. Sorry For Any Inconvience.” Kat needed to get in there. But she didn’t feel like sneaking in. She knew if she was caught, Wayne wouldn’t be able to convince Disney from taking her off the DHI list. Normally Kat wouldn’t care, she would find a way in somehow. But this was different somehow, she felt nervous, afraid that she would be caught, something she never ever felt when “sneaking” into something else in Disney.
Kat then started walking to the Peter Pan ride. As she was walking she saw numerous caution tape around certain coned off areas.. “I wonder what that’s from.” Kat said aloud full of sarcasm. After walking around for a while, she finally came to the ride. It wasn’t closed. Kat got in line.
As she drew nearer to boarding a ship, she began to look at each ship very carefully. She already knew they had moved her ship from last night, due to it not laying in the middle of the plaza. She kept watching, not yet boarding the ride. She finally saw one. It was also closed off with caution tape, no one could ride it, so they just skipped it. “Oh my gravy.” Kat said aloud, “It really did happen.”
As the ride came to a finish Kat got off. Now she had to spend the rest of her day, waiting for school to be over so she could call Alice.
Kat wondered over to Fairytale Garden. It was a good place to read in her opinion. She pulled one of her three books out of her purse and began reading.
Hours passed and Kat sat there reading. She finally decided to stop.
She got up and walked to Main Street, her favorite place to walk down.
She loved when people from all over the world, took a picture so it looked like they were in front of the castle.
She also loved all the little shops=] It was like her dream street.
Kat sooned decided to sit on a curb. She sat down and pulled out some paper and started composing a song, hearing every note in her head, about the previous night. It helped her to think about how crazy it was. All this stuff. New. Crazy. Soon she would call Alice. She needed to talk to her. Kat guessed she would have to just wait. She pulled out a different book again and sat reading like she was sitting in a library.

Donovan woke up in his bed, he remembered his dream and wanted to know if it was real, “It was WAY too realistic to have been, a dream, I mean come on MK was exactly like it is in real life… So it couldn’t have been, could it?” He realized he was talking to himself and stopped, he looked at the clock, it was 8:30a.m! He then noticed a note sitting on his bed side table, it read

” Donovan, I need to leave town on business so I need you to run some errands for me, the errands are on the back of this note, I already called your school and told them you needed to help me and they said it was ok.
Love mom. ” Donovan looked at the back, and all that was on it, were groceries, and cleaning the house, so he got up and changed and started working on the list.                                                                                   

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