Florida, where the city meets the wilderness, and for Disney fans, where mystery meets magic. Nothing is more true for the selected DHI’s, or the Kingdom Keepers who have a bigger responsibility than just remembering when to return to to use their FastPass. They have to constantly keep the forces of Disney’s most villainous characters at bay. They recently created a game, (with the help of Wayne, the oldest Imagineer, still with Disney) where everyday kids can help defeat the Overtakers. VMN. With the original five Kingdom keepers busy hard at work, it’s up to the new ones to protect Disney.

Chapter 7

Alice opened her eyes and screamed, thinking she was seeing another ghost. Then she stopped and took a couple of short breaths, slowly recovering. “K-Kat??” she asked, taking a few steps back. Omigod, she thought. They got her too. We’re both dead and now we’re trapped here and– She took another breath, seeing that she was overreacting and trying to calm down. Ok, maybe we aren’t dead. Just think this through, Alice, there has to be a logical solution to this.

“Are you ok,” Kat said as she stood back up. Alice was glowing, it was creeping Kat out, then she looked at herself and saw the same aura around her.. “This is weird,” Kat said to herself. Then Kat looked around, “Alice.. We need to get out of here, Now” She could hear the cannonballs in the distance again..

“I know, I know,” Alice said and ran a hand through her hair. She was still wearing the same clothes she had been before when she was at the meeting with the others, and the tights didn’t prevent the chills from running through her. “I found a staff entrance in the ballroom, I think. But, I freaked out and I ran over here.”

“ok, let’s go.” Kat grabbed Alice’s hand and started pulling her to the ballroom breaking into a run.

Alice ran after her with perfect pace, showing no problems with keeping up, even in her mary janes. They kind of hurt her heels. When they approached the ballroom, she pointed out with exuberance at the door she had left open. “There it is!” she cried.

Kat ran through the door. Kat closed her eyes, feeling Alice’s gaze on her. Then she spoke, “We need to get over to Fantsyland, there was something going on, maybe we will find out whats going on here, because I know i don’t know anything, and im sure you don’t either.”

Alice began to laugh, shedding her worry. “Yeah, I honestly have no idea,” she said. “But, I’m glad I’m not the only one.” Her smile faded as they crossed the Frontierland gate to the Central Plaza; the canon noises got louder. “This isn’t just a dream is it?” she asked, suddenly dead serious.

“No. I got a text from Wayne telling me to sleep. I went to sleep and woke up in Liberty Square, I heard you and you know the rest…” Kat looked straight into Alice’s eyes. “Why, why would this be happening?” Kat looked around, then she saw it in the distance, “oh bother..” She saw the ships flying in the distance.

Alice didn’t want to answer. “I don’t know,” she said then gasped and stopped short in her tracks. “Is that a boat? A flying boat?? Come on we have to check that out,” she said, fascinated. This time it was her who took off running with Kat’s hand.

Kat and Alice continued running towards the ships. When they were getting to close, Kat stopped, and then pulled Alice to the side. “We can’t just go up to those ships, they are really shooting at each other… We need to find a way to get higher up.”

“We could, like,” Alice said, breaking in thought. She looked around. “Scale a wall or something,” then she laughed. It might have seemed stupid, but she figured she knew well enough what she was doing to pull this off. “Hey, you!” she yelled up at the ships, cupping her hands around her mouth.

“umm.. i like the scale a wall better then shouting at pirates.!” Kat said.

“I’ve got this just, follow my lead,” she said.

“umm ok..” Kat said very unsure. She kept looking around for some clues, to see if anyone was here who could help them, she saw nothing so she looked at Alice ready to do whatever her idea was.


“Someone better shoot something fast!” Jet screamed over the cannon fires. It was a struggle to control the sails. The wind at the elevation they were at was fast, and he could tell that Brian needed help. Jet started to wonder if the girls where here as well. With each and every cannon fire Jet believed that this more and more real.

“Donovan, shoot the other ship! NOW!” Brian said, maneuvering the ship to avoid the cannonballs being shot at them.

Alice thought she heard some familiar voices. “Hey!” she called again. “Down here!”

Jet’s Spine tingled. He knew that voice that just called. Alice. He knew that this was too complex to be a dream. There couldn’t be this many people and this kind of scenario. He held tightly to sail, knowing that if he let go it meant the ship spinning out of control. He saw a rope latter in the back of the small ship. Almost as if someone knew that they might need it. He had a decision to make lower to help the girls and risk the ship flying out of control, or keeping his stance. He made up his mind. He let quickly dropped the ladder below just in time to catch the Sail’s rope before it effect the position of the boat.

“What are you doing?” Brian asked, ducking just in time to avoid a cannonball heading strait for his head.

Kat looked up at the one ship, “Alice look! I think its the boys in that ship, they are dropping a ladder.. what do you want to do?!”

“Kat, come on!” Alice cried and made a run for the ladder. She hopped on and climbed aboard, taking Kat with her by the hand. It was dangerous, considering that they didnt truly know what was awaiting them aboard the boat, but she was confident she had heard someone she knew.

Kat was climbing up behind Alice. All of a sudden a connonball was flying at Alice.. “Alice Hurry!” Kat screamed. They both sped up the ladder and were helped up by a familiar face.

Alice looked over at everyone else on the ship, particularly Jet. “Jet? Brian?” she asked in confusion then looked at Donovan. “Who are you?” she asked him. “What’s going on? Someone better have a nice explanation for this.”

“Alice, I don’t think now is the time for explanations, right when were going to be shot out of the sky in disney world!” Kat yelled, “Jet, Please fly us away from here.” Kat sounded scared, which was new for all her new friends to hear from her.

Alice nodded at Kat in agreement. “Kat’s right,” she said, sounding pretty calm for someone in their situation. She looked right at Jet then at Brian and Donovan. “What can I do to help?”

“Start shooting the cannons at the other ship. I’ll try to flank him.” Brian said, moving the rudder so the ship would move around towards Hook’s ship’s side.

Alice pulled a blank face and tried to recall how to do such a thing. Her memory flew threw everything she knew about ships, like pages of a book, until she reached her answer and finally nodded at Brian. “Righto, Captain,” she said, heading towards one of the cannons and taking aim as precisely as she could. After loading the cannon– which totally wore out her arms– she fired at Hook’s ship and landed a solid hit straight through its side. “Yes!” she said, smiling at her own little victory.


Donovan shot a cannonball right at their hull, it took a piece of it out but not enough to make major damage, then the other ship was turning right.. towards… Pirates of the Carribean. “They’re trying to get back up!” Donovan shouted. “What’s the plan Jet?!”

“Keep firing!” He yelled. Jet was not that knowledgeable with ships, but the one thing he did know was that they couldn’t float ( In this case fly) without the main sail. “The Sail in the middle! Shoot it down!” He finished.

Alice tried to load another cannonball into the cannon but her arms were so tired from the last one that she just couldn’t do it. “Can somebody help me out? This is seriously too heavy for me!” she shouted. It’s no wonder there’s always two grown men working together to lift these things into the cannons in the movies, she thought. They’re so freakin heavy.

Kat was just standing there, she was scared for she was used to things going how she wanted or to plan, this was not to plan. Kat hears Alice’s words flood her ears all of a sudden. “I’m coming Alice.” Kat ran towards alice and having more strength then she looked like she would have she began helping Alice load cannonballs.

“Thanks,” Alice said and gave a heave, trying to lift it into the cannon with Kat. The cannonball slid in after all of their efforts. “Now just.. aim, and fire,” she said, pushing to manuever the cannon into a more useful position.

“sorry jet, i missed my connonball shooting 101 class.. ” Kat now looked exasperated with less fear, as she became to realize how serious there situation was. “The main sail Alice!”

“Don’t bother. It will only immobilize them. Go for the hull.” Brian said.

“The Hull? We’re aren’t in Water they need the sail to stay up!” Jet yelled. “The Mast Alice”.

“Like i said guys, i didn’t take cannonball shooting 101..” Kat was now thinking.. how are we suppose to get out of this.

“It’s cool,” Alice said and noted the commands. “Make up your mind!” she cried at them. She turned and pushed against the cannon with her back to aim it at the mast since it was closer to her aim than the hull, which would require more pushing. “And, quickly, please!”

“FIRE!” cried Jet!

“If its flying we should immobilize it then attack the Hull to make it split in half.” Donovan said, loading a 2 cannonballs attached to a chain and fired, the Mast split in half but apparently that made the Pirates mad, “ARRGH!! Men fire full force at their Mast!!” Captain Hook yelled. Donovan saw that they were preparing to fire, “Take cover!!” He said.

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