La Regenta.

A singular intuition told the ex-regent who paid good attention to the friend to go home. Why Don Alvaro had to like right away? If you had asked Quintanar, could not have answered. But it was the heart, he had observed, without noticing the remark: Mesía liked to enter the house of the Rinconada.
I used to take to the office and its museum as he said, there was explaining the mechanism of those intricate wood and springs and, convinced of the ignorance of his friend deceived him unconscious. What was Don Alvaro did not consent to pass review collections of herbs and insects: the overpowering him successively and quickly fix the attention on so many useless things. -The only animal that he liked to Don Alvaro was dissected by Frígilis Peacock and his friend. ‘I used to caress her breast, while lecturing Quintanar:
‘Well,’ said Don Victor, then move on to my cabinet, as you despise my collections. Anselmo, beer to the cabinet.

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