La Regenta.

It was a pauper or a town. ‘You never told the truth. Dona Paula suspected nothing against the loyalty of the maiden. Registering the trunk, in his absence, he found several gems that would be worth two thousand reales well. She smiled between satisfied and envious. “Two thousand reais would be worth that … yes … too … was a scandal. If you allow decorum … were it not for shame … that he might require it to reward people as they deserved, without wasteful idle. The discovery satisfy her, that was his work at the end of the day, but the two thousand reais hurt: even were his. “
The day after receiving the letter, too early, the Master left the house, went to Paseo Grande, sought a secluded place in the gardens surrounding it, and no other company but overjoyed birds, and flowers made their washing touched with dew, reread those sheets that sent her heart Ana diluted in mystical rhetoric. You almost knew by heart some paragraphs which seemed more interesting and more promising for him, and as the joy flooded her heart, she was a child that morning made a rosy day in late May, cloudy, cool, before the sun tore the awning off-white with shades of pink that covered the distance in the East.

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