La Regenta.

At all events, what happened to him proved that he was still young, it was not necessarily disguised idealism which is sworn to be platonic, if platonic, or at least indefinitely in its relations with the faithful and dear friend. He turned his thoughts to the Regents, and that vague and spicy with longing to leave the church became strong and definite desire to see Dona Ana, thank you for your letter and tell the most effective eloquence could.
He had enough strength to contain their anxieties and leave for the afternoon visit. His mother spoke to him as always, it was whispered, and he shrugged. I heard the voice hard and dry Dona Paula announcing, on scare, the cataclysm of it all.
Fortunately, the ruin of his honor, as if speaking of geological cataclysms of Noah. He did not hesitate to refer all that had passed through it since I read that letter.

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