La Regenta.

The animation Vetusta reborn in council, guilds, casinos, streets and trips when the summer began to appear. False friendships, worn to be unbearable for the common boredom of an endless winter, now renewed, those who returned found grace and talent that were left and vice versa, all laughing jokes and pranks of all. Little by little circles of gossip is encouraged, slander lit the furnaces and the last to arrive, laps, were what made a glory. “What an idea, what fine malice, what insight! Oh, the wit vetustense! “.
The Master was the victim of that year the Dionysian of injury, no more talk of it.
“Don Santos Barinaga, the commercial rival of the Red Cross, the victim of illegal monopoly and scandalous Dona Paula and her son, the poor Don Santos, died without remedy, according to Don Robustiano Somoza, the doctor of the aristocracy whose ideas were suspicious. “
– And what will you say it dies? He asked Foja in a huddle in front of the cathedral, leaving noon mass.

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