La Regenta.

. “That frog, that piece of the cloth rotted, he knew to those stabs!”. Then Don Fermin remembered his mother, his mother had not ever done treason, his mother was his, was the same flesh Ana, the other a stranger, a foreign body that had been pierced in the heart …
But barely disguise, hiding his pain very bad was the deepest, coldest and inconsolable in her life she remembered, left Pas of the sacristy, and wandered the aisles of the cathedral hesitant, unsure find the door. Did not know what he was going, he lacked the will at all … and noting that some faithful watching him, he dropped to his knees before the altar of a chapel. There was pondering what to do. Going to The Regent’s house? Absurd. Especially so early. But her loneliness was horrified … I was afraid of the outdoors, I wanted a refuge, it was enemy. “Your mother, your mother’s soul.” He left the temple, ran, walked into his house. Dona Paula was sweeping the dining room, a black calico handkerchief encircled his head on her silver hair thick and hard, like a turban.

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