La Regenta.

Soft eyes turned to her friend’s voice and putting in a tone of affectionate confidence, again, something, as noted the Regent, who had used Mesía that afternoon on the balcony of room, very quietly replied Master:
-I must go with you …
And the indescribable gesture, intimated that he was sorry, but as he was a priest … and she had confessed to him … and Paco and Obdulia and visit were a little crazy, and Vetusta idlers, who were almost all, murmured the most innocent …
All that, though I did not mean that gesture, understood the Regent, and resigned himself to deal again without the protection of Mesía vicar.
They spoke no more. He stopped the carriage, the Master stood up and greeted the ladies. The Regent smiled often as he would have smiled his mother if he had known.

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