La Regenta.

They are thrown in, first one, then another and sometimes two or three at a time … At the same Ripamilán, with all its respectability, had sent down that hole, and indeed that it had taken out a string … The Master had that well, I had not seen in front of the eyes, and appeared to Mesía within it, on the branches and the grass with his arms outstretched waiting for the sweet burden of the mortal body of Anita! … Would she just as reprehensible indulgence? Will would take the well? Don Fermin was on tenterhooks. What mattered to him? As it was on tenterhooks.
He walked aimlessly, not knowing where to go. He found the door of his house. He turned and, sure that no one had seen, hurried on down an alley leading to the square of the palace, the Corral.
“My mother! thought. He had remembered her all afternoon. “
He had eaten outside the home without warning! Dona Paula felt this lack of domestic discipline gauge as sin. Seldom committed his son, and therefore the more impressed.

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