This is a piece I started writing in high school. Unfortunately I haven’t finished it as yet. Please let me know what you think.

Life is Love and War

Chapter One

James and Samantha were childhood sweethearts.  They had first rested their eyes on each other at the age of seven when James had moved to the UK with his parents from Jamaica.  His dad had joined the Greater Manchester Police Force after completing his degree and his mum had got a job with the local doctors’ surgery.

Samantha’s dad had recently retired from the Royal Air Force as an Engineering Officer and her mum still worked as a teacher in a local Primary School just down the road.  Tall for her age with long brown hair, plaited into two pig tails.  Intelligent green eyes sparkling in the morning sun were the first thing that James noticed about her when he looked at the girl who was to show him around.  As for Samantha the first thing she noticed about James was the cheeky grin and she knew immediately that she liked James, they were talking within minutes and continued through the maths lesson getting them both told off by a tolerant teacher numerous times.  After a few days they were the best of friends and became inseparable.

Over the years at school, high school and college the two never grew apart like most childhood friends, instead they grew closer and as they grew so did their relationship.  Samantha and James were lucky in the fact that they had so much in common, they were in all the same classes at school, both attended the Air Training Corps and both played a large amount of sport in their spare time, although Sam did like to go out of a weekend with her girl friends dancing which James hated, so he got a few friends round in the evening and they got a pizza or some other form of take away and had a several games on the Xbox 360 or PC’s without girlfriends or parents moaning.

It wasn’t until James and Samantha had finished their college courses that they started to notice any differences.  These were mainly cropping up in their choice of career.  Both wanting to follow in their fathers footsteps, James into the Police and Samantha into the Royal Air Force, pulling the two of them further apart than they’d ever been.  It was this topic that was the cause of the tension in their current discussion.

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  • Kirstyanne Ross on Jan 18, 2010

    I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter, it still has a lot of work to be done on it and if you have any tips or ideas then I would be more than happy to take them on board.

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