This is a piece I started writing in high school. Unfortunately I haven’t finished it as yet. Please let me know what you think.

            “Thank you for being my rock.  I love you too. Night night, sweet dreams.”

            “Sweet dreams Babe.”

He replaced the handset and crawled into bed himself. It was getting on for midnight and he wanted to go for a run before college in the morning.  He’d be shattered but he was determined to keep his fitness levels up for the Police Fitness test.

The rest of the month passed by in a rush, both Sam and James were studying for exams with College and James was also studying for exams with Cadets.  Sam was busy teaching most evenings at Cadets and when she wasn’t she was taking Drill or supervising other Sergeants and Corporals on the Squadron.  Without realising how fast it had arrived Sam’s birthday was only two days away.  James had already booked the table for a meal at her favourite restaurant, ordered a dozen red roses to arrive at her house on the morning of her Birthday with a teddy bear and had the Plane Tickets in a gift box ready to take with him.

Kate and Arron had both been true to their word and hadn’t said anything to Sam about the trip to Jamaica.  Kate had even taken Sam out to buy a new outfit for her birthday that she could wear on the evening when she went out for the meal with James.

            “What about this one darling?”  Kate asked picking up yet another dress, this time in an Aquamarine colour, ankle length with spaghetti shoulder straps and a low cut cleavage.  The back dipped to the small of the wearers back and was made for any one with a perfect figure less than a size twelve.  It must have been around the fifth or sixth dress that she had picked up to show her daughter.  Sam was very picky when it came to clothes for any occasion but for a special occasion even more so.  She looked the dress up and down, took it from her mums’ hands and then held it against her to look in the mirror.  Sam really liked the colour of this one; she walked over to the shoes in the store and picked up a pair of going out shoes that fastened up the ankle with a small strap on each leg in black in her size, before going to the changing rooms to try on the ensemble.  Kate followed her daughter to the changing room ready to offer her opinion if the dress didn’t suit Sam for any reason or was to low cut for her to be able to get away with.

Liked it
  • Kirstyanne Ross on Jan 18, 2010

    I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter, it still has a lot of work to be done on it and if you have any tips or ideas then I would be more than happy to take them on board.

    If you did enjoy the chapter please click on the like button to let me know and if you would like to continue reading the next chapter can be found at

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