This is a piece I started writing in high school. Unfortunately I haven’t finished it as yet. Please let me know what you think.

A couple of minutes later she came into the main changing room in the dress and shoes so her mum could see she turned slowly, appraising herself in the mirror.  She liked this dress and wanted to get it to wear for her birthday, it was a classy dress that a celebrity might wear to a premier of a film and it was a perfect match with her eyes.

            “Do you want that one Sam?  It really suits you.”  Kate said, half hoping she would say yes just so they could go home, Sam was a serious shopper and Kate was unable to keep up any more.

            “Please mum, but I’m not sure about the shoes.”

            “Haven’t you got a pair of shoes at home that will go with that dress in a similar colour?  I’m sure you have and a clutch bag to match.”

Sam thought about this for a few seconds and then nodded recalling the shoes and purse that Kate was referring to.

            “Just the dress then?” Kate asked.  “What are you going to do with your hair and make up?”

            “I was going to use a natural look and leave my hair down mum.” Sam replied.

            “Okay.  Well I’ll wait here whilst you change back into your jeans and then we can go and pay.”  Kate said sitting on one of the stools in the changing area.  Sam nodded and went back into the curtained area to change back out of the dress and into her jeans and shirt.

After walking around the rest of the store and selecting five or six tops, two pairs of trousers and a new pair of trainers Sam and Kate were ready to pay.  Fifteen minutes longer and they were seated in a restaurant having some lunch, bags at their sides talking about trivial things such as college and cadets.  Kate didn’t really like to lead the conversation towards the RAF because she knew how hard it was for her and Arron to maintain a relationship while he was posted across the country and even the world.  She knew that Sam and James had recently had more than one argument about it and wasn’t going to depress her just before her birthday over a predicament that they too would be in.

Liked it
  • Kirstyanne Ross on Jan 18, 2010

    I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter, it still has a lot of work to be done on it and if you have any tips or ideas then I would be more than happy to take them on board.

    If you did enjoy the chapter please click on the like button to let me know and if you would like to continue reading the next chapter can be found at

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