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Life is Love and War

Chapter Two

Less than three weeks later, Samantha and James bags were packed and they were on a flight to Jamaica.  Seated next to each other in business class they were both quite relaxed with a Diet Cola each, Sam with her headphones in and her nose buried deep in the latest of many books that she had been reading, James flicking through a magazine.  He’d never known anyone to look so perfect all the time, even when they weren’t trying.  Except Sam did, whether she tried or not.  At the moment, lay with her head back in a set of grey sweats chosen for comfort on the flight over style, and vest top and hooded sweatshirt, her hair fallen on her face at the side of her eyes, just far enough that she could still read but enough for her to look natural and care free.  He knew how lucky he was to have someone like Sam and was glad that she had decided that she didn’t want to split up and go their separate ways.  It wasn’t something he could bear to think about – in truth it wasn’t a thought he’s actually entertained, he just needed to get it out into the open so they both understood the coming challenges and were ready to work on them together.  He didn’t think Sam would have ever taken any other path, they’d been through too much together to split up at the first sign of any difficulties and they both knew it.

The flight didn’t seem to last as long as expected, there weren’t any complications and everything was running smoothly.  Sam looked up as the fasten seat belt signs came on and brushed her hair gracefully from her eyes as she sat up to fasten her seat belt.  The passing smile as she glanced at James and caught his eye lit up her face to make her look like she was a kid in the playground again, it made him feel all warm inside to know that they wouldn’t just have the memories of their adult years but also the memories of a childhood shared as well.  There wasn’t another couple he could name that could say the same and he thought it made their relationship all the more special for being able to do so.

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  • Kirstyanne Ross on Jan 18, 2010

    I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter, it still has a lot of work to be done on it and if you have any tips or ideas then I would be more than happy to take them on board.

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