If you ever find yourself in this type of potential situation, it should not be taken lightly………

two lovers

Love-triangle ? (Photo credit: itchys)

Having two brothers vie for you isn’t always going to happen.  It’s a very unique occurrence that probably has more to do with the Stars alignment than anything.  So before you think of yourself as some type of Goddess because it happens, you may find yourself in a thought-provoking dilemma more than anything else.  If you’re a woman of substance you will think of it as a dilemma. 

You’re in love with one brother honestly but he is a little younger, appealing but has some growing up to do and the second brother comes along and is attracted as well and seems more grounded and focused, more of what you should have.  It happens fast and you’re just a little more than bewildered because one moves in really quick, in fact they must be brothers because they both seem impetuous.  This is not a mind game or a joke, they both seem genuinely interested and interesting. 

The first thing to do is to sit and think about things and weight them out.  Family will always be family and putting selfish reasons and vanity first won’t cut it.  Love happens in all kinds of situations and combinations, but it is different when family members are involved.  The one that you really feel connected to may be the one that once he has knowledge of his brother’s intentions may seem willing to let you decide.  The other brother is just as diplomatic and whereas you have only kissed the first brother you feel that even that is  too close as the second brother explains to you that he knows that there was nothing more.  Oh my, they are so nice! And handsome, no gorgeous. 

Well ladies if you ever find yourself in a situation even similar to this it is best to look down a long Vista of unlikely possibilities  that this type of involvement may cause.  On the other hand, this does happen and can work.  There was someone I knew that married inside of a triangle similar to this and it did work. But silence is really Golden in this case.  Back off and let all of the dust and infatuations subside for a few days.  What you may find are two things: 

1.)  That you can make an informed decision by following your heart

2.)  You can wait and therefore realize that it is infatuation on all three of your parts

Conclusion:  The second scenario is very likely to be the actual scenario.  To rush into this situation is serious and every consideration made before you move in too fast.  Haste really can cause waste in this unique situation! Peace.

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