A story about a man who gains incredible powers. This is the sixth chapter. More to come.

Chapter 6

As my vision cleared, I was no longer at the wall, but in the forest. Surrounding me were people covered from head to toe in dark brown. As they saw me, they reacted instantly. What I saw was unison, discipline and ability. These men weren’t a rag-tag group wandering around. They knew what they were doing. They came to the mansion for a reason.

They attacked with efficiency. Each going for a spot on my body that wasn’t targeted by another. two came in for a physical attack, the others stood back as notes began to form. I was completely terrified at the situation, but thankfully, my body had other plans than keep frozen. A beautiful song immediately played in my head as I watched every physical attacker break the body part they had struck with and the maence attackers’ casts backfire on them. 

The maence men were down, having been hit with the full force of their own attacks. The song then changed form into an adrenaline pumping tune and my body reacted in kind. It moved with the fluid sound of the music. I struck the closest man next to me with a backhand blow that send him flying into the tree next to us. Then I heard different music play as I began to move away from the first. As I turned I saw my arm reach out in the direction of the second man. The music played and condensed until I could no longer tell it was music and a ball of what I could only consider air pressure flew was released from my hand into the injured man’s chest.  It all happened so fast, that I could not comprehend where I was going or where I had been.

In moments every man around me was down. I was unsure whether I had killed them or not. I didn’t know if I could have handled killing someone. Again, a shriek sounded in my head, and I was moving in a blur again. This time, I could hear notes playing louder and louder until finally, I was in another area of the forest with another group of men, also clad in dark brown getups. This time I didn’t stand in the middle and wait for them to attack. 

As I ran towards them at amazing speed, I heard notes play in my head and form into my palms. Then the notes took shape and formed into a song with deep, strong bass and razor edged notes. I was upon the closest man and my body moved with the fluid, adrenaline rich song still playing in my head. I moved right past the man, as my left hand moved swiftly in a sideward motion as we passed. Then I saw my arms extend forward towards two men directly in front of me. The men were instantly impaled by the swords I saw my hands holding. Notes then played in my head again as I released the swords. They then turned white hot. I was already in the air by the time the men began thrashing about. Then more notes played in my head and formed into screaming. 

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