“No need, you fool, it is not necessary; back,” Mr. kÅ™iknul Goljadkin, and the coachman, as if he were waiting for such an order, and nothing nezastaviv not object at the entrance, around the obejel round the whole court and again rolled out on the street.

Mr. Goljadkin did not go home, but when they passed Semenovský bridge, said to turn into a cross street and he stopped next to the pub rather modest exterior. When our hero got out of the carriage, paid the driver and a way to finally get rid of your cart. Petruška told to go home and waited for his return, he then went to the pub, took a special closet and ordered lunch. He felt very badly, had a head full of confusion and chaos. Long after the excitement of crossing the room and finally sat on the chair, rested his forehead and hands of all the forces began to try and resolved to consider at least something about their current status.

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