Ok, not the entire book, just the beginning of it. Like it? Tell me whether or not to continue with this idea.

This is not my entire book. It is just the first page or so. If enough people like this, then it will inspire me to continue with this idea. I usually don’t release any piece of my work before its done, but I decided to make an exception this time. So please, if you like this tell your friends and help get me a lot of views and likes. So without further a due… here it is:


Hot. A typical summer afternoon here in Keystone, South Dakota consists of a cloudless sky, which means lots of sunshine and near eighty degree temperatures. Today unfortunately it is ninety nine degrees outside.

Sometimes I would go and play down in the creek that runs all the way through this little town of about two hundred people, but not this year. The entire creek has dried up. The summer started off with the creek flowing nicely, but week after week it began looking worse and worse. Before we knew it, it was dried up completely. There wasn’t a puddle of water in any part of it. The only thing that could be seen in it were a few dead fish and some small minnows. Some of those fish were really good sized ones, good enough for catching and eating. To bad they are rotting and stinking away there in the creek bed. The flies sure love it though. Those few dead fish are feeding hundreds of flies.

I really hate this kind of heat, which is why I decided to remain indoors at home today. I live in a small trailer park consisting of six trailers, including the one that I am living in. I recently graduated out of High School and am still living with my father. I want to movie out so bad, but that takes money, something I have little of. At times it is not that bad though. Rent is only one hundred dollars a month for me. So I am living very cheap.

I also live with my older brother, I say older instead of big because I am about a foot taller than him, but he works a lot more than I do so I don’t see him much. We both work at the Ruby House here in Keystone. He cooks the meals and I wash the dishes in the end, and also a lot of pots and pans. It is not as bad as some people would think.

I make roughly two-hundred and fifty dollars a week for just washing dishes and even more when I get overtime. I make seven-fifty an hour, so its a well paying job that is not to difficult unless it gets really busy which has only happened a couple times, but I’m not complaining any.

On my days off I either go on hikes or stay home and play video games. Today is really hot, so I’m staying home. This week has been really easy at work because I have three days off in a row. Today is the first of those three, so I am glad about that.

It’s almost noon, but it feels a lot later than that. It feels like it should be about five or six o’clock. My brother works all day on all of my days off so I wont be seeing him much if at all….

Summary of rest of book:

In the three days that I have off, a war begins. It is World War 3. In all the confusion I get weapons and a small army together and hide out in the hills. Then when the time is right, we begin attacking, and also confiscating new weapons.

I was also thinking about making this into two or three books. I have enough ideas that I think I could do it, but I’m not sure yet.

So now that you have read the beginning of my story, let me know if you liked it or not. I would much appreciate it. If I don’t get any likes, then I will stop the book and trash it. Then Ill just have to think of something else to write.

Thank You For Your Time!

Liked it
  • Fresh Writing on Mar 29, 2009

    Hello Darrell,

    Reading your work here, and found it fairly interesting-one thing you might do would be, as you said, to break it down into little short stories; you could really sell a lot of those! (Such as Borders, or on Amazon).

    Either way, excellent work- by the way, you WORK overtime- you don’t necessarily GET overtime…(just something I noticed, not trying to be a picky editor or anything).

    But yeah, definitely; I’d say go ahead and write short stories on all of the topics…overall, they have a lot of potential.

    See you around!

    -Fresh Writing

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