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“Watch where your going freak!” The female voice rang threw the hall way as my books went fly out of my hands. I quickly bent down to pick them up without saying a single word. i picked my books up and hurried threw the hall way to my next class just as the students in the hall started whispering. I already knew they was talking about me , simple because they were always talking about. for people who didn’t seem to take the time to get to know me they sure did know a whole lot about me, to the point where i Don’t even try to keep but with the rumors instead i kept to myself and tried to mind my own business. Thus was the story of my life. i have always seemed to be on the every edge of society, as they say ya know so close yet so utterly far away at the same time (which im not even sure how that possible but i seem to pull it off rather nicely.)

My Name Is Sofia Or well that’s what everyone calls me so i guess that’s my name, and as the girl so clearly pointed out to everyone im kinda of a freak. Okay, so even you would say im a freak, even i would say i am. its not like i try to be or anything, its just kinda of always been that way. once i figured out that me fitting in was just not going to happen i stopped trying and quit giving a damn what anyone in this god forsaken place thought about me.Well now im known as a freak where ever i go.

When i Walk iinto a crowd all eyes are drawn on me ( and not in a good way, you know like the pretty girls in class where every head turns.) I guess it doesn’t really help that my fashion sense is a little out of wack, once i even had a woman ask me if i was blind. Well i am but im not your ordinary blind person i can see just fine. it just comes out in my own little bizarre way.

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