Kenny just found out his friend’s real name and are in an two on one fight with a talking corpse found in an unknown area.


Chapter 7 Telekinesis

Kenny and his friend were still sitting down thinking, and Kenny with the Katana in hand felt a little bit stronger. Kenny got mad too then his brain told him to get up and toss his backpack a couple of feet away and amazingly the backpack levitated. Kenny and his friend looked at eachother and their jaws dropped. Kenny tried to do it again and accidently levitated his friend and dropped him on the ground with a THUMP sound. Kenny gasped and gave his friend the sword and said, “Lets FLY.” In a cool looking motion Kenny’s friend swiftly swiped the Katana through the air. Then Kenny began to lift off the ground and then began to fly. Kenny said to himself it was his first time flying and really wanted it to last forever but Kenny’s friend was striked by a lion and Kenny started to descend. Kenny ran over to his friend and the lion was comming back for them. Kenny pulled out and sword and with overwhelming anger he charged at the lion and made his move. In a few minutes the fierce lion was facing the floor with the Katana at It’s neck. The lion looked up and threw Kenny into a rock and Kenny’s friend woke up and looked at Kenny then the lion. Knowing Kenny was unconcious he took the Katana and ran at the lion and this time he did it with dead aim and accuracy. Kenny’s friend sliced and diced the lion to bits. Later on Kenny woke up and asked what had happened but his friend didn’t answer and picked up Kenny and began to walk away.

Chapter 8 Intense Injuries

Kenny didnt know what had happened until the next morning and he looked up at some strange looking people in masks. Behind them was his friend sitting in a chair looking worried. Kenny looked down at himselft near his legs and saw a bloody scar. He was so exhausted he didn’t even ask what happened and why he was there. Kenny’s friend jumped up and looked Kenny straight in the eyes and said, “The lion did this.” Kenny opened his eyes very quickly and felt like he regained 100% strength and jumped out of the bed not remembering his injured leg and fell down like a rag doll missing a leg. Kenny moaned with pain and made an attempt to get back on the bed and looked around and noticed his friend had a white cast around his arm and wondered what had happened to him. Kenny got up and grabbed his friend’s arm and they began limping down the hall going for the exit.

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