Kenny just found out his friend’s real name and are in an two on one fight with a talking corpse found in an unknown area.

Chapter 9 Kenny Gets a Lamborghini Diablo

Kenny’s friend spotted a car that was covered by a big old rag then they uncovered it. What happend to be under it was Kenny’s car (his dream car.) A Lamborghini Diablo! Kenny hopped into the drivers seat and thought to himself good thing he was 16 years old and his friend at 15 years of age. His friend hopped into the shotgun seat and they began to drive. Kenny noticed an old abandoned looking convenient store so they went to go check it out. They drive over to the store and find a corpse laying over the counter. Then suddenly it moves and green gas goes everywhere. Moments later the corpse said, “Kenny, and Jack.. I’ve been expecting you” Kenny pulls out his sword and says, “Who are you and what do you want from us?” “I solve your mystery about that sword of yours” said the corpse. Kenny jumped up and went flying toward the corpse trying to lay a single hit on it, but he was too fast. Kenny was out of breathe, he collapsed. With Jack in shock he picked up the sword and moved as fast as he could and he hit the corpse out of the air. The corpse got back up and this time aiming sharp bones at him. The corpse shot all the bones and with a swift swipe of the Katana all the bones were on the ground. Jack faced the corpse and went for another head on attack and before he knew it, he had also collapsed.

To Be Continued…

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