Sci Fi.

Dr. Amanda Sanders had gone through decontamination, after testing Jerimiah Watkins. She now sat in a military helicopter which would carry her to her meetin across town. Dr. Sanders was an expert in infectious disease and treatment. She rose to government attention after working with charities handling swine flu in asia. She was a young, attractive and brilliant woman and her name was top of the list when Parasite x first began. The Helicopter landed on the roof of a tall building which had the logo Windfall Corp. She was led by two soldiers down into the large board room, where men in suits were waiting for her. She could see a general; and flags of different nations on the table.

The man in the blue suit spoke as if in charge of the meeting. ‘Welcome Dr. Sanders glad you could come, my name is Senator Thompson the President has put me in charge of dealing with this issue.’

Thompson was a tall yet fit man, he appeared to be in his fifties, a white man with brown hair, which was now graying at the temples and a brown goatee. His white shirt and blue suit made him stand out amoung the other men in their black suits and military garb.

‘Senator.’ Amanda said as she sat.

Only Thompson remained standing, in order to pace while he talked. ‘Tell us about what you have discovered thus far about this parasite.’

‘As you all already know the parasite is spread via the air but also is being spread by the wraith population.’

‘Tell us about them.’ Thompson urged her on.

‘Currently across the globe they are in their thousands and they hunt in packs. They do not have human intelligence as far as we can tell. They are just mad cannibals running wild with no clear pattern, plan or direction. There appears to be no heiarchy amoung them, just the hunger. If you survive an attack by a wraith you become a wraith.’

‘Other symtoms of the parasite?.’ A general asked.

‘Again known knowledge. People infected die within three days, those who don’t die are bed ridden for life and those who do not suffer those fates end up as wraits.’

‘Are we any closer to a cure?’ Thompson took control of the meeting again.

‘No. In the last three weeks we have tried everything even exposing the parasite to aids and the common cold. Every drug has thus so far proved ineffective at best.’

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  • johnmariow on Aug 7, 2012

    Gripping and well written!

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