Sci Fi.

‘Senator I believe the aliens who sent this parasite were unsure of all its effects and needed a test of it. They did not understand all of the ramifications.’

‘So you are saying they are watching to see what happens, learning.’

‘This may be their first attempt at creating such a weapon. It has had side effectsthey nor we have counted on, a side effect I have discovered.’ James made it a point to stress that he discovered this thing.

‘What have you discovered?’ Amanda spat.

‘The parasite can give superhuman abilties, it does not only kill, paralise or turn people into midless wraits it also gives a quarter of the people exposed to it superhuman abilities. I don’t think the aliens foresaw that, nor did we, and neither are prepared for such an event.’

‘What are you talking about?’ Thompson demanded.

‘I am talking about twenty five percent of the world’s population developing superhuman abilities.’ James smiled.

‘This is not a comic book Jimmy.’ Amanda laughed.

‘First of all don’t call me Jimmy, my name is James, second I have proof and not video proof. I brought the proof with me so you can see for yourselves.’

James moved further away from the large black man that had followed him in.

‘Walter here was on death row until he became infected with the parasite.’

‘What? You brought an infected person here? You must be insane!’ Thompson screamed.

‘Calm down this strain of the parasite is not contagious, I just want you to see…Walter.’

Walter took a deep breath and suddenly his eyes went red, his body doubled over and he began to shudder.

‘What’s wrong with him?’ Amanda said as she stood up to get a closer look.

‘Wait for it.’

Suddenly Walter had transfromed into a large werewolf like creature, with black fur, red eyes and large nails and teeth.

‘I calculate that as the parasite spreads more people will develop these abilities.’

‘Great first wriats now superhumans, another group we have to hunt down.’ Thompson said.

‘No! we must not hunt these people, we must find them and help them. They could be our salvation, the next step in human development. They could help us deal with the wraith threat and any alien threat that may come.’ James argued.

‘Are you serious? People can not be trusted with such power, having a quarter of the world running around as superhumans is bad.’ Thompson said. ‘I want a team put together, to deal with this parasite, the wraits and this new superhuman threat. Both of you are going to be on it Dr. Sanders and Dr. Elliot please work together.’

The meeting wa broken up and each would go their seperate ways for now.

Amanda could not believe it superhumans?

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  • johnmariow on Aug 7, 2012

    Gripping and well written!

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