Alain Harper and his companions arrive as Keely the Cougar’s guests and face off against Aven the Eagle, while Nicholas finds and masters the Genesis Ring.

“I… I left them in my pub. There was a reddish-blonde woman and a brunette woman, and a very large black-haired man. A blond man was their leader. I…” Even through her tears she was perplexed; she knew nothing of how Alain’s Cloak of Shadow could affect someone’s memory, even an Archon’s. “I can barely remember what he looks like. I always remember what my guests look like, and what they tell me. But now… all I remember is that he said he was an ambassador.”

“An ambassador? Now do you see what you’ve done? Now I have to go and destroy them.”

“Love, they are harmless visitors…”

“Adamim are not harmless – they’re our replacements. If you allow them to flourish, they’ll doom us all to a life of servitude under their feet. Lightchildren are simply Adamim empowered, nothing more. And these Lightchildren have Archons as their servants already.”

“But they are so cute. Can’t I keep them as pets?” she pleaded.

Never! No Adami must be permitted to live in this realm. Their destiny is to rule, once they get a foothold anywhere. The Hooded Man, the One in White that I told you about, plans it thus.”

“Maybe we can just scare them off…” Keely grabbed his boot.

Aven kicked off her hand. “Don’t touch me.” The rejection made her cry even more.

He grabbed her again and pinned her again. “I will destroy every last Adami that sets foot here. And if you ever defy me again… you shall follow them.” He threw her down again. He vanished with these words: “I made you and I can unmake you.”


The four visitors were leaving the pub to explore the city when a bright green flash burst before them and an eagle-man appeared with sword drawn. His eyes were white and full of fury as he levitated before and above them.

“Adami dogs!” he shouted. “Judgment has come, and you have been found guilty.”

“Oh, great,” scoffed Amethyst as she readied herself, “we get threatened by a glorified vulture with a mouth full of clichés and delusions of godhood.”

“What kind of an idiot are you?” Slate scoffed in his turn at the eagle-man. “Don’t you recognize two Old Ones when you see them? Or your own doom either? Stand back,” Slate added as he lunged to wrestle with their foe.

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