A corp. that helps people for a long time.

The Council of Human Equality has been on the governing board from the day one of or opening. They make sure that all of the Genex 4000 clients are treated with dignity and respect and the wishes of the client are followed to the letter of the contract, without the need for high pressure sales of unscrupulous business practices. They make it very easy for out clients to understand and enjoy the serviced that we the corporation offers. The council also make sure that the family has all the loose ends tied up and all the legal and fiance forms are ail taken care of. With out the pressure and high pressured sales used for years in the past,

So today we will make client 39500 happy and we get our funds. We have in the past reclaimed two or more form the same family. That is how we run sometimes. Client 39500 is escorted to the Genex room and processed. There cloths are removed and a paper covering is place on. Then the client is taken to the room and placed in the Genex 4000. They are ask to affirm that this is there wishes and that before witnesses they have no regrets, and then if by affirming that this is there wish, The Genex is turned on and the results are known in 0.3 mil seconds. There is no pain or sounds made, just the sound of respect and dignity. 

Then the collection of the elements are started and separated in individual units. On today’s market client 39500 made the company 10 million dollars. our stock holders and partners a 5% profit share. Not a bad return for an extra 1000 years of life and our commitment of care. 

Now a word from another one of a sponsors Space Trans X were or motto is If you don’t like it on Tera prime let Trans X take you form here to beyond the Stars, we’ll make your ride the be trip you will ever take/

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