Girl getting stripped at her friends birthday party.

“If you want your clothes back and don’t want anyone seeing this pictures then you’ll have to cooperate” Pau said still recording the whole thing. 

I nodded in agreement. 

“Stand up” Pau said as she handed over the phone to one of her friends 

I did as I was told and, as fast as I as up, placed a hand over my panties and the other over my bra trying to cover my humiliating underwear. 

“Look, Miss popular doesn’t want us looking at her baby undies.” Said one of the girls. 

Pau smiled “If you don’t stop covering that ridicule underwear we will have trouble.” 

My heart started beating faster. I didn’t want them to see me like this; in total display of my care bears panties, totally humiliated and embarrassed but it felt like I had no other choice. So I did what Pau told me to. 

“Like I said before, you have been a very bad girl and you deserve some punishment.” I knew this could not be good. “I want you to say it, say you’ve been a bad baby girl and you deserve to be punished.” 

“I’ve been bad and I deserve to be punished” My eyes began watering up. 

“Say you’ve been a bad baby girl!” 

“I’ve… I’ve been a bad baby girl.” 


“And I deserve to be punished” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. 

“Take off your bra” She ordered. 

“W-w-why?” My voice was trembling. 

“We heard you have the smallest little breasts and we want to see if it’s true.” They all started laughing after hearing this. 

“They aren’t small! They are normal sized!” They just laughed at my comment. 

I wanted to say something else, to defend myself but I was afraid Pau might get angry drag me out to the party so everyone could see me like that; totally exposed. There was no point in responding; I knew it wouldn’t do any good. Plus I was only wearing my underwear and they could clearly see I had small breasts. I started begging again “Please… please don’t make me…” 

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  • James on Dec 29, 2012

    I would love to see that

  • steve200900 on Mar 1, 2013

    shiznit, wow, im dumbfounded.

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