This is a summary of "The Missing: Book one Found." It covers the main events of the story.

Chip and Jonah receive strange letters in the mail. The letters say “You are one of the missing.” Jonah and Chip think that these letters are a prank. Jonah is adopted and Chip finds out that he is adopted too. Jonah’s sister, Katherine, is not adopted. Jonah, Chip, and Katherine try to find out what these letters mean. Jonah promises to help Chip with his finding out his identity thing. When Jonah and Chip are searching Chip’s family safe for anything that had to do with the adoption, they find a post-it that says the phone number of James Reardon. When they call that number, they find out that he is an FBI agent. They hang up before they talk to him.

Jonah’s family goes to visit Mr. Reardon to find out about Jonah’s adoption. Mr. Reardon does not tell the family about the adoption. He tells them that the adoption thing is better kept a secret. When Jonah goes to throw up because of too much soda, Katherine sees a ghost of a janitor taking out a file and putting it on Mr. Reardon’s desk. The “ghost” tells Jonah that there is a file on Mr. Reardon’s desk and that Jonah should try to take a look and memorize everything he can from that file. Jonah comes back from the bathroom and makes a distraction to take a look at the file. Katherine takes pictures of the contents of the file. After the meeting, Jonah, Chip, and Katherine download the picture. When they take a look at the picture, the read some lists of witnesses and survivors. Jonah and Chip’s names are on the survivors’ lists. For the next couple of days, Jonah tries to get the adoption thing out of his mind while Katherine and Chip try to figure out what the file meant. When Jonah comes back home one day, he sees a figure in his bedroom and get back home immediately. Chip and Katherine call the phone numbers on the witnesses list. Some of the people hang up right away and some hang up when Katherine and Chip suggest they talk about anything strange that happened in about thirteen years. Everyone on the survivors list are about 12 or turning 13 and they all live in Liston, Upper Tyson, or Clarksville. Only one person, Daniella McCarthy didn’t move yet. Chip and Jonah learn this when they call Daniella’s number. A couple days later, she calls back, shouting, asking how they know where she was moving. Chip and Jonah think that the government made them move because they have the new address in the file.

Liked it
  • alyssa on Aug 31, 2010

    i loved thi book and it was very freaky and wierd but i know what its about

  • Joe on Oct 3, 2010

    This book made me cry.

  • Noah on Nov 4, 2010

    great book read it like 4 times

  • alex on Jan 21, 2011

    this is the book im gonna read for battle of the books program this sounds really good

  • stephen on Aug 28, 2011

    how does this book make joe cry?????…………

  • bob saget on Oct 25, 2011

    fuck all of you and this gay book report

  • ED on Oct 27, 2011

    why red a book when u have a book summary thanks for this now i dont have to waste my time reading a book and go do a nomal social activity…

  • mr fucker on Dec 26, 2011

    yeah, im with ed i dont have to read my fucking book report this is so fucking gay

  • MJ on Feb 2, 2012

    fuck you english book reports

  • Mica on Mar 7, 2012

    What was the ending of this book?

  • Trina on Aug 16, 2012

    Whats the ending??????

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