The first chapter in the Aventures of a young man named Met.

Met was sitting at Benny’s, his favourite restaurant, letting his mind float away from him. And as it always did, it settled on Ann.

She was a beautiful girl. It made Met flush just looking at her. He’d known of Ann since he started high school, but it wasn’t until 2 years later, in year nine, that they had been on a school program and had been placed in a group together, along with four others. That was when she really caught Met’s eye. He couldn’t speak to her, or even look her straight in the eye, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her either. Couldn’t stop thinking about her smile, thinking about how nice she was. And this was still the case, over a year later.

As he thought, he toyed with the dessert that sat in front of him. It was called a ‘frog in a vein’, a corny rip-off from the typical pond dwelling treat, but it’s ingredient were slightly different, being all infused with blood.

You see, Met is a Vampire, and as a matter of fact he is part of the most powerful Vampire family in Oceania, the Satrina. They are possibly the only existing family of True-Borns in the world, which means they were born to Vampire parents and grow normally until they reach the age of 19, where their growth halts and they live in a state of youth for eternity. Other Vampires can only reproduce by the bite. This blood-line reproduction ensures that there are always defined leaders for the vampire race.

Their True-Born heritage comes with perks other than leadership as well. These include day-walking, greater tolerance to garlic, religious relics and chants, as well as much greater strength and intelligence. But the one Met had the hardest time coming to terms with was the inability to be anything but elegant and beautiful. Met failed to believe this, as he regarded himself as average looking and uncoordinated. Both things he assumed Ann would be revolted by. Oh, Ann! Why couldn’t he stop thinking about Ann! No matter how hard he tried. He asked her out once, admittedly on Facebook, but at least he had asked. It had been just before the human Christmas, and she had told him their parents were hosting the family Christmas, so she had to help them set everything up. Met felt heartbroken, but he held on to some small hope that she wanted to go, but she was just too busy. So he lied, and told her it was fine. It did however leave him wondering what humans do in the week before Christmas. Apparently something he would never know, and could only guess at. This was because his only friends had been children of Lilith, or vampires, and Descendants of the Archangel. None of which were Christians, as the children of Lilith couldn’t be and the Descendants of the Archangel were devout to their religion, which was something similar Judaism, without all the restrictions. Plus none of his friends were technically humans…

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