Separated by tragedy at a young age, this family must reuinte to protect one of their own. Each member will be called on to use the gifts she has been given- courage, intellect, passion, unique insight into the linear passage of time-but will these gifts be enough to ensure a future without fear?


“Yes.  The clinic allows visitors, but she won’t see me.”

Kaylen flinched, memories of a years-old confrontation creeping to the forefront of her mind.  “We lost touch.”  Kieran, wild and panicked and far from reach.  “I haven’t….”  Her twin, unrecognizable behind a mask of pure agony.  “I haven’t see her in a few years.  We lost touch.”  She said again, the reproduction of the trivial phrase as hollow as the original had been, failing to encompass even of a fraction of the true events of that traumatic night.  “I want to help you, but I’m not sure I can.  She won’t want to see me.”

“Please.”  Tom pleaded.  “Try.”

Kaylen nodded.  “Of course.”

She began to clean her brushes, thoughtful, unsurprised when a moment later, he asked:  “What happened?  To make you lose touch with your sister?”

Task completed, she stood.  She gestured and he stepped closer, eyes once again falling to the painting on her easel.

“A vision.”  She said firmly.  “Are you a believer, Tom?  Do you believe it’s possible to see something, as far from your world as the farthest reaches of space?  You’re steady, a good man, a good husband and father, and I saw that for you, years ago.  Kieran saw death.  Yours.  Your family’s.”

“My family’s?”

“I saw many more children, though.  How many children do you have, Tom?”

“One.”  He said, looking considerably more ashen than he had when he’d first ventured into the classroom.  “There were complications, my wife can’t have any more.”

She nodded.  “Kieran sees death.  I see life.  The truth always falls somewhere in between, and unfortunately it’s so much easier to remember this when all you see is the lighter perspective.” 

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