Another installment of something rather silly.

Chapter 6: When Animals Attack

An unbeatable was walking through the woods one day when it found a dead thing on the floor and fainted. While it lay there unconscious a big animal thing came up and ate it, it was a very bad day for the unbeatable indeed, its time on Nothania had come to and end. All the things back at the gathering missed the unbeatable as they had less other things to talk to and watch fall over. Suddenly an animal thing came in and attacked all of them and they all ended up having a bad day.

None of the other gatherings nearby had a clue as to what had happened and it was only a matter of finishing this sentence before they found out. The animal thing attacked another gathering, the unbeatable, since it thought it was unbeatable, thought it was hard enough to take it on with its rock repellent device, swung and missed and consequently had a bad day. It seemed as if nothing not even a thing could stop this animal thing from making everyone have a bad day.

Meanwhile at the industrious things shack…

While trying to work out a problem concerning throwing rocks further the industrious thing had stumbled across the invention of the catapult, which he called the rock insertion and quick acceleration of said rock in an upward and simultaneous forward motion throwing device, (he was crap at naming things). Another thing looked at the device and just told him to shorten the same to rock thrower, people would know what he meant by that name. To test the capabilities of the rock thrower the industrious thing decided first to use some old clothes, they got flung, he tried a medium sized rock, that also got flung. The next test was of the industrious thing getting in the rock thrower himself, he saw the vast amusement potential in the idea and thought that he would make everyone happy, so he flung himself. It was a shame no one had a camera because everyone agreed it was the funniest thing ever. Once the industrious thing got down from the tree he declared his invention brilliant and ready to start throwing rocks, in the hope that if they could aim it well enough they could build an impressive pile of rocks quite far away.

The industrious thing was just getting ready to start making the pile of rocks when an animal thing came up to the gathering and started lairing off at them. The industrious thing put two and two together and set about trying to knock the animal thing out to put it on his rock thrower and teach it a lesson. Unfortunately this plan had to change after the animal thing made the unbeatable have a bad day, so the industrious thing loaded up a rock, flung it and made the animal thing have a bad day instead. Everyone was very happy that their day wasn’t ruined and feasted on delicious animal thing for the next few nights.

The industrious thing was again labelled a hero, his ego got so big that his head exploded. Fortunately someone had been studying very carefully what the industrious thing had been doing recently and continued his work. The new industrious thing refined the rock repellent device by giving it a sharp end, this he called the pointed anger stick and then set about a way of keeping animal things out of the gathering. He made a nice little white picket fence around the gathering. This new industrious thing was better than the last, so everyone called him a hero until his head exploded. Another industrious thing stepped up to the mark and wrote into the book of law that: ‘no one shall be called a hero unless it is really really necessary, ok?’ Everyone agreed that it was a good law. The new industrious thing set about making some new inventions that would really change everything…

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