This is Part one of the DCatcher story which is what happens on The Fallen.

Chapter 1: The Humble Beginnings in SkyTopia

One winter day, on a plain of existence known as “Waiter” lay higuy97, waiting for his time to be summoned. This was the start of everyones existence, a miserable waiting game… The Waiter World, was much like earth, except for the fact that nobody could interact with anything, and they would never get hungry or even die. They were a subject to those that have to watch and learn, except never act on their knowledge.

However, one day, it was higuy’s turn to escape. He was summoned to the Plain of Existence in the Multiverse, known as The Fallen, for it was then that he would join the community. At first, when he arrived in the small plaza, looking like crossroads, he was confused, he saw everyone walking about and talking to one and other, but he had no where to go, no where to stay and no one to talk to. He walked around the crossroads a bit, until he saw where the main objects were, the admin shop to the side, the town portal to the front, the world portals behind him and tutorials to the side.

At first, he went through the mossy cobblestone portal labeled, Galatown. He went through this, not expecting what he was about to behold. There were trees everywhere, lush grass and flowers in all reaches of the fields. However, there was no town. So this was where he decided to stay for the time being. He cut wood, and made a rudimentary shelter, and this was where he met his first actual person, Jadbro. They became friends easily, and before long, danger emerged in the form of a green animal known as a creeper. It destroyed their house and they ran to the stargate, thinking that it would be safe at the spawn. They were wrong. Once they arrived and looked around a bit, they knew something was wrong when they saw an Owner, Flashrazze, God of Trolling, spawning in about 20 Giants. Everyone was running about, screaming, but no one had the power to stop them.

Suddenly, a gleaming diamond-clad warrior appeared, her name was Kaeira. She slew the Giants with ease, as if nothing could stop her. Then she turned around and said,
“Now does anyone need a town?”

Me and Jad looked at each other and we immediately rushed forward, into her field of vision. She exclaimed, “Who are these peasants?” and immediately added us to town. She then helped us to find a place to stay and even gave us 10 Dollars to buy a house. We saw one that was for sale, but Jad left and looked for another house along the street, leaving me to buy my own house.

It was comfortable, with a sofa, crafting room and even a roof balcony. I planted some trees on the roof, to try and get a source of wood in when an argument seemed to be happening on the plaza. All of a sudden, a great siren rang out, declaring that the Town area had became a PvP zone… Kaeira then attacked the other, slaying them with ease, but then she declared, “fine, i was bored of this town anyway…” She then seemingly handed over Mayor status to Alkalai, the Traitor at the time and he became the new mayor. He declared that we were to pay 5x the taxes, making all of us feel like we were going to be kicked out in a matter of days.

It was then when he gave me a job, as a Town Assistant. I then was able to sell houses and earn even more money. This wasn’t the end of the gifts however, as Kaeira returned and reclaimed the town, SkyTopia. Within a week, she got bored of it again, but this time, she handed the Mayor seat over to one person who would never have expected it, when they had only been online for around two weeks. Me.

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