A lawyer tries to keep a union in check.

Attorney Bretz met with the NMU as soon as he left the court.

He conveyed the message to the leaders.  Lee Hargrove, the union committeeman looked shaken.

The attorney looked at him.  ”Am I missing something?”

“We, well.”

The local union president finished it for him.  “We did a mailing yesterday. It was pretty much a repeat of this, maybe up level a little.  We might be construed as advocating some actions that are questionable.  But I don’t see any reason to worry.  We took Jessie Allen off the list.  He was the guy who handed the letter to the company, the traitor.”

The committeeman shook his head.  “The envelopes were made up for mailings month ago.  The letter went out to him.”

“Shit.  We are F’d as they say.  There is only one thing we can do. Let’s see if someone can talk to Jessie, convince him to not report it.”

Attorney Bretz got up and started out.

“Aren’t you staying to discuss this?”

“You guys are discussing intimidation and who knows what else.  You are discussing breaking the law.  I can’t be a part of that.  I could be disbarred and if you happen to harm him I become a party to that.  I can go to jail along with you.  I will advise that you do not carry out this action.”

“Naw, we’re not talking about anything like that.  We were just going to explain it would hurt members of the union if this got out.”

“Be sure that is all you do.”

Before he left the union leaders agreed to send out a mailing warning the members to not conduct any illegal activities and define them. After the attorney left Lee looked at the Sean Favor the president.  “Are we really going to send out that letter?”

“Sure.  We have to.  But we will start to pass the word to the members that letters have to have the legal bullshit in them and they are not to pay attention to them.”


“And do we have anyone who can shake Jessie Allen a little, maybe mention his brothers who are members might get hurt if he doesn’t cooperate.”

“So that was what you meant.  I thought you were smoking dope.”

“Let’s pass the word to make it difficult out there.  We just can’t tell the lawyer about it.  You know how skitterish they are.”

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