This is part three of the story of the end of the world. Three friends try to remain together as their lifes go different ways.

                Trevor finished helping Ashley get ready for school, and then they had to walk in the rain to the bus stop.  They had to cross the alley and then through someone’s muddy backyard.  He wished that he had an umbrella that they could have used.  They were lucky to know the people who lived in part of the house that bus stop were in front of and they could stand on their porch to wait on the bus.

                When Trevor and Ashley went up onto the porch, Billy and Johnny came running out the front door to meet Ashley.  The two blond headed boys were five and seven, and also full of energy.

                Their father was an old gray hair man.  Trevor felt bad for not even knowing the man’s name.  He just call’s the man “Old man”.  The old man stuck his head out the door.

                “What’s up, old man?” Trevor kept his eye on Ashley, who was playing.

                “What do you think about this weather?”  The old man was skinny with short gray hair and beard.

                Trevor didn’t like the old man because of the way he yelled at his two boys.  In the summer time the old man and his wife can be heard yelling at the boys from across the alley.

                “It has been a long time since we’ve had a storm this good.” Trevor kept wishing that the bus would show up.  He waited to go back and lay down.  Standing and waiting for the bus wasn’t how he wanted to spend his morning.

                “The weather man says things are only going to get worse throughout the day.”  The old man seemed to be happy to share the new information that he had.  “There’s going to be a lot of trees down because of this one.”

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