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Damage control was an understatement, Eliza was a mess. She took a shaky breathe wiped the smeared mascara filled tears from her rosy cheeks. “You know what, fuck Quill. He can go die in a hole. I just wanted to know what he was worried about, and what does he do? He shuts me out! In a hole, that’s where he can die.”

Jack shook his head, “Eliza don’t.” He knew the look in her eyes. Hell hath no fury like his pissed off twin.

“I will. I will be angry for as long as I want, and want him to rot in the ninth ring of hell right next to Judas for all eternity as well.” After twenty minutes of tears, Eliza was picking herself up off the ground and getting on with her life.

She walked over to the door and opened it, entering the bathroom. Jack gawked at the vast amounts of make up residing in the drawers and hanging from the wall, he never realized just how high maintenance she was.

Eliza sat down in front of the little chair that had a mirror that reminded him of the Hollywood dressing rooms, with the lights surrounding it.

She opened a drawer and pulled out a make up brush, reapplying everything that had been washed away by bitter tears.

“Jack, why did he do it?” Eliza’s voice was soft, she didn’t turn around.

“Why he hid what ever he saw from you?” Jack asked, a hint of hesitation in his voice.

“Yah…” Her voice was airy, she was afraid of the answer she would get.

He sighed, “I don’t know, El’s. Instinct maybe? If he had let you get hurt I’d of killed him.” Jack paused, “Maybe he was afraid? Quill seemed really shook up about everything, maybe he just didn’t want you to suffer through it to?”

Eliza’s hand had frozen in the middle of dipping her brush. “I guess your right. I just wished he had trusted me enough, you know? I’m a big girl, I can handle it.”

Jacks eye lids drooped and he snorted. “Yes, you’ve done very well so far. Claiming that we had been kidnapped by a serial killer and then ranting about Doctor Who as though it was your holy doctrine. Very good, little sis.”

Eliza stood up, dropping her make up brush with a loud clattering noise. “Jacky, do you know how we got here? Timira hasn’t seen another soul in years, if she’s telling the truth.”

Jack could feel his jaw clench. “If she’s telling the truth? What does that mean?”

Eliza crossed her arms. “Because, think about it. Whats the last thing you remember?”

Jack thought for a moment, “We were in Quills new truck, the town council wanted to see us. We pulled up and…”

“And we walked inside and then nothing. Absolutely nothing.” Eliza said, flicking a lock of hair behind her shoulder.

“Your right, but that doesn’t make any sense!” Jack hadn’t thought about it before. He saw Timira and he wanted her, craved her. She was all that mattered, he didn’t care how he got here. Was this a side affect of this mysterious place, or was it Timira herself? 

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