A thriller/suspense novel about a man who discovers his childhood fantasy world has evolved in his absence. To be released late 2012. A proceed of my book sales will go toward our adoption.

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Andrew Toy

Part I: Discovery


Robbie Lake finished off his martini and dropped it on the server’s tray. He checked his watch. Just twenty minutes until his massage. The itinerary suggested that he ask for a Veronica at the front desk. He watched a young couple nuzzling each other by the side of the pool. After he lathered some more sunscreen on his arms he flipped over onto his stomach, lest his face burn. He basked in the tropical sun as he listened to the sea gulls caw in the distance above the foamy ocean spray behind him.

He eyed a pretty young woman strolling by in a small bikini, swaying her hips like the pendulum balls sitting on his boss’s desk thousands of miles away. The woman batted her eyes at him and her lip curved up into a smile. A satisfying wisp of her strawberry-mango lotion drifted into his nostrils as she brushed past. He closed his eyes when she was gone and lost himself in the heavenly “Ka Loke” playing on the loudspeakers that kept watch around the pool yard.

A different server placed another martini on the glass table beside him and asked if he wanted anything else. “Yes. Bring me the hula dancers again. And a plate of pulled pork and chocolate-covered pineapples,” said Robbie.

“Right away, Mr. Lake. By the way, the light’s green.”

“Huh?” asked Robbie, an vacant intersection replacing the pool in front of him.

“The light’s green,” said Rosalynn, sitting next to him.

The infamous Seattle mist blanketed the late afternoon sun and his arms were pasty white again. He moved along in his Honda Accord, wife and son in tow.

“I’m hungry,” whined Jeremy from the back seat.

“You should have cleaned your plate like I told you to,” Rosalynn called back.

“You were rushing me. I can’t eat that fast.”

“I’m sorry, but we don’t want to be late to Taylor’s game.”

Robbie continued to drive toward the school, but his mind was still on autopilot. Just


fifty six more hours, he thought. Tomorrow would be his eleventh anniversary at work

and his gift to himself was laying in his nightstand at home: a plane ticket to Hawaii. Of course, it was paper clipped to three other tickets for his family, but he made sure they all knew that this was his vacation. The price of the whole vacation was daunting in the present economy, but as Rosalynn said to him, if they didn’t go now they never would, and just like him, the kids would never have a chance to see Hawaii. It took her several months to sell him on the idea, but as he began to imagine it more and more, the more he realized his soul longed for it. Hang the money, he told himself finally, there’ll be more on its way. And now, their bags were mostly packed and ready to be driven to the airport in just three days. It was Thursday evening, and their plane would depart at 7:05 Sunday morning. He planned on spending his last Friday at work researching tourist sites. Not a bad day to celebrate eleven years, right?

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