The Man in the Box is an adventure novel about a man who discovers his childhood fantasy world has evolved in his absence. Go to for my blog and follow The Man in the Box on Facebook. The Man in the Box will be released by Blackwyrm Publishing in the fall of 2012. Proceeds for my book will go toward our adoption. You can read Chapter One here:


Robbie spent the rest of the day drowned in a wave of anxiety. Two more people were asked to pack their things and hit the road. At first, Robbie avoided Kurt at all cost; he avoided the breakroom when he knew Kurt would be there, he took the long way ‘round to the bathroom so he wouldn’t pass Kurt’s windows. But by one o’ clock, he began to grow curious and even hopeful. He was becoming convinced that he wasn’t going to be fired after all, but in order to have a true peace of mind he would have to find Kurt and feel him out. Would he be awkward? Would he be cool as usual? But Robbie learned from a colleague that Kurt had stepped out of the office to meet with someone for the next few hours. He sat at his desk and wallowed in his misery. And no, he didn’t spend the day looking up top rated Hawaiian tours on the internet.

What if he did get fired? The economy would crush him. He feared going back to retail or some other dead-end job. Though he wasn’t wealthy by American standards, he didn’t want to have to sacrifice his comfortable lifestyle to make ends meet. He didn’t want to have to put every dollar on trial, or second-guess the necessity of every bill. He had been through all that and had grown up. This was supposed to be his time to live the easy life!

He glanced at a picture of Rosalynn and him posing in front of ocean in Ventura Beach in Southern California, which stood next to his phone. The picture was taken when they were dating. They had met at USC. Actually, they were both attending USC when they happened to meet at Ventura Beach at a party one weekend. She looked absolutely stunning in her floral summer dress, her auburn brown hair falling straight down over her shoulders. He was skinny and sporting facial hair aspiring to become a beard, just like any properly-groomed beach bum. 

His reminiscing came to an end when Kurt phoned him and asked him to step into his office.

Robbie’s legs felt like jelly as he made his way through the suite toward his boss’s office. He felt every eye on him, conveying pity, just as he had looked at the others who were called into Kurt’s office that day. Just to distract himself, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and pretended to read text messages. He muted it when he reached Kurt’s door and proceeded to knock, feeling like he was back in school about to see the principal.

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