A typhoon approaches and Li Sung sleeps through it.

The wind whistled through the gaps around the verandah doors and forced its way between the cracks. It played another sound as it explored the keyhole on the door and shot off in another direction.

Roaring and whistling filled the room and the doors rattled. Rain hammered against the glass and Johnny feared that the whole lot would come tumbling inwards if the wind got any stronger. A patch of wetness appeared on the outside wall and the remaining strips of wallpaper started to lift away from wall. When they dried out again they would curl themselves up and just hang there, just like the others.

Water seeped underneath the doors and although it was stiflingly hot in the room, Johnny felt a chill run down his spine as he hoped and prayed that the doors would hold until the storm passed.

Suddenly all was calm, just as though someone had flicked a switch and turned off the raging sky. The sun was shining from a blue sky that looking as thought it had never even considered the idea of raining, let alone giving full vent to a tropical storm. The air was still and as he opened the doors and stepped outside, Johnny looked down at the rivers of water hurtling down the street.

The storm drains had over flowed, but then, they always did. Rubbish, sewage and numerous dead creatures were swept down towards the sea by the force of the water. Coolies tried to salvage what they could from their baskets before it all started again. The eye of the storm was directly over them and far in the distance Johnny saw churning, black, blue and steel grey clouds moving round and round as though encircling their prey. There was certainly more to come.

The wind started to blow again, gusty at first, but then with a persistent and determined force. He closed the doors and waited. He could do no more.

While all this was going on Li Sung was sleeping an untroubled, opium induced slumber and the smile that flickered across his face from time to time gave a subtle hint that where ever he was, he was enjoying it. Johnny ignored him and waited for the storm to pass. It had already been five hours and he was starting to fall asleep out of boredom.

The boy opened the door to the flat and ventured downstairs. The lobby and stairwell were covered in sewage where the drain have overflowed and the smell made him gag. The door was wide open and a lone, skinny dog had taken advantage of the shelter. Johnny ignored the animal and stepped outside. His bicycle and basket were still where he had left them and the boxes of CD’s and DVD’s that earned him a living were still there.

It was usually safe to leave these things tied to his bicycle. People here had very little and never stole from each other but typhoons brought all kinds of people into the streets looking to salvage what they could for nothing.

The sky was clearing again and the wind had dropped. It was time to take a look around and see what the damage was.

Liked it
  • Lucy Lockett on Jun 13, 2008

    I sneaked a peek at this first, I’m enjoying the story.

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