A young man is shown the gruesome side of this Earth. The monsters of our realm are all make believe to some, but then there are others…The one’s who can see. These are the one’s who defend. They keep us from paranormal harm’s way as much as they can. This is the story of one young man’s journey into the concealed mysteries of our own planet.

“Why is it that I’ve witnessed more deaths in the passed day than I have in my whole life?” I growled.

“I’m sorry you’ve had to go through that.  I understand it must be hard adapting to this way of life.” Sariah attempted to sooth me. 

“How can you adapt to constant death?”  My heart began to race.

The blond headed elf turned at me, peering into my soul with the oceans that were her eyes, and said,

“It’s not all bad, Will. You will see as you get better at this life, so does the life itself become better to you.”

Even though I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by this at first, I knew that they were words of wisdom and that it’s really time to get serious.  My mood finally changed completely; I was now a fierce warrior.  Although I knew nothing of my abilities, I made it my mission in life to perfect them to protect our earth.  My ambitions had never been so drastic before. Shivers of excitement shot down my spine as I thought about all the new things I’d be learning here in this place. 

I felt as if I was a baby gazing at a new toy for the first time.  My interest for soaking up knowledge helped me adapt to the world much more than I had originally thought.   I was ready now, I thought, to really start in this life.

“So, what do I do first?” I asked eagerly.

“Ah, so it’s happened, huh?” 

“What do you mean?”

“That rush. The feeling of this place being your home.”  

“H-how did you know about that?” I stumbled over my words.

“Everyone who comes here experiences that. It’s a good thing, really. It means you really do belong here.” She said with a smile.

Our conversation stopped there as we continued to walk towards Training Square I.  I watched Sariah reach into her bag and pull out a small booklet. 

“Here, you’ll need this.  It’ll tell you all the basics of this place, and it also has a map at the back just in case you get lost!”

I thanked her and began inspecting the small booklet;  it was labeled S.U.N.U.V. – Information, Regulation, and a Map!.   I still wasn’t quite sure what the S.U.N.U.V. was, and I was seeing it everywhere. I assumed it was the building, but my mind couldn’t decode the acronym for what it was.  

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