The lasers are up on station 1.

DAY 112

The laser alignment had three phases.  The first was a rough sighting through the optics to verify that they were aligning properly. This took over two hours.  Bobbie was locked to the grate behind the optics while Jeff made the adjustments. When they were satisfied they targeted several objects and adjusted the focus. Finally the last phase was firing at low power at a rubber float six feet square on the ocean. The first shot burned a hole within ten inches of dead center. It took another hour to make minor corrections. The shot at a second rubber float was dead on. With that success the next target was an old army tank in the desert. It took five discharges to breach the armor but sensors in the tank indicated a crew kill on the second shot. Anything but a well armored vehicle would be killed with one shot.

They were two very tired people when they came in after finishing the other two lasers.

Check the end of chapter 1 or my site for more chapters or stories by

Ralph Brandt

The Perfected Astronauts

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