This tells the story of a fictional Dinosaur called the "Poodonkus" and how the struggles he encountered 160 million years ago.

Some of the greatest things in life were born out of complete simplicity. The tale of the Poodonkus was one of them. Nearly 160 million years ago, there lived an evil, mighty tyrant by the name of Dygonarea and he rules over the land we now know as Scotland. He was a cruel dino, who constantly raped and murdered the poor dinosaurs that lived in the surrounding hillside. This continued on for several decades until, a prophecy was made. A prophecy that many would cling to as the last hope of survival. For it was written that in the not too distant future a new species of dinosaur would be born and he would lead his people out of bondage. The very next day the Poodonkus was born. He was a large dinosaur who has a huge underbite and bushy eyebrows. He talked as though he was from hoodz like dis homie, he be duh Poodonkus yo. He had tiny wings and only two legs that he hopped back and forth on. He was always a sad dinosaur cuz’ was duh only male to be bornz and dat ment he was gonna die alone. He knew what he had to do though. In the eighth year of his life, the Poodonkus hopped his way to the royal palace to confront the terrible, the evil, the mighty Dygonarea! Standing before the evil tyrant, the Poodonkus said in his mightiest, ghetto black man voice “U be hurtinz dah peoples yo, u needs to stop bein a homie hater of dah homies and start bein za a kewl kings yo!” Confused by the fucking idiot that stood before him, the king ordered the Poodonkus to be executed. Scared for his life, the Poodonkus started flapping his wings and screaming in a high pitched manner. For it was so high, that the all the guards dropped dead. Fearing for his own life now, the evil king succumbed to scared-shitless Poodonkus and gave up his thrown. In his last defiant words however, the king swore he would return with greater power and even greater responsibility and warned the Poodonkus that in less than two years time, it would be the Poodonkus that would lay dead upon the floor. Until next time…stay classy internets.

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