The first chapter in my Vampire diaries FanFic.



:: Thoughts or telepathy::

_ Emphasis or italics_

~ One, Happy Days~

(This is a continuation from “The Reunion” after Elena has returned)

After having danced around in joyous circles for what seemed like hours Elena and Stefan collapsed into one another on the cool damp ground, Matt and Caroline sat together with their backs pressed up against the stump of an old willow tree and Bonnie and Meredith sat on the ground laughing and smiling like nothing on earth. All were just glad to have Elena back, safe, where she should be. Here, with Stefan and her friends. There was only one who sat in the darkness, not celebrating the miraculous return of Elena. Damon sat alone in the darkening presence of the clustered trees looking out across the horizon at the oncoming storm, not daring to leave Elena for fear she might vanish like a dream Stefan pulled Elena into his arms and carried her over to where Damon sat, seemingly deep in thought. Stefan set Elena down and then took up the seat between her and Damon. Damon seemed oblivious to the fact that they were both sitting there and silence ruled on high for a while, when the silence was broken it was to the surprise of both Stefan and Elena that it was Damon who had broken it. “Dark times await us little brother, us and all those of our race.” Stefan looked at Damon curiously, a questioning look in his forest green eyes. Damon laughed, a rare expression from him. “You must protect the newest of our kind if she is to lead us out of the dark times ahead in victory Stefan.” Damon rarely used his little brother’s name, so this act caught Stefan by surprise and he turned to look at Damon in confusion and awe, a new feeling he now had towards his brother. Damon only chuckled again and then returned to staring out into oblivion. Curious by Damon’s words Stefan asked the obvious question, “What do you mean?” it was a simple question and Stefan expected either a straight forward answer or outright rejection to the question. That was Damon’s way but once again Damon surprised Stefan by replying “As events unfold you will see little brother” with that he turned into his crow form and flew off, with a sad glisten to his black eyes. Shocked by the fact that Damon had quite literally up and flown away both Elena and Stefan jumped from their positions on the wet grass. Damon was gone sooner than even Stefan could blink, even with his vampiric senses. ::Damon, where are you going, what do you mean?:: A look of shock and fear crossed Stefan’s features for a brief moment before he regained his composure but even without the use of vampiric senses Elena had noticed “What is it, what’s wrong?” Elena asked in a mixture of fear and curiosity. Stefan just shook his head and said softly, “I can’t sense him. However, if Damon didn’t want to be found no one would be able to.” They both relaxed a little at this but at the back of Stefan’s mind nagged the words Damon had spoken ::Dark times are ahead……… must protect the newest of our race if we are to walk away from them victorious:: the same thoughts were running through Elena’s mind too although she could no long read Stefan’s mind he still had the pleasure of reading hers. One question in particular circled repeatedly round both heads, ::Who was this vampire that was to lead all others out of the darkness to come?::

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