This introduces the reader to the relationship between two main characters, Theresa and Deborah.

Deborah looked up from her books as the rapping at her door began.  “Coming!” she called out.  Through the peep hole she could see her pretty black friend, Theresa Miller, the detective.

     “Hey, girl, I got your message,” Theresa began as Deborah opened the door.  “I came over as soon as I put my crap away.  So what’s going on?  The message you left just told me to hurry up and come on over.”

     “I’m glad you did,” she said with a smile as they sat down on the couch.  “My family could really use your help right now.”

     “Me?  What do they want me for?  They’re filthy rich, what could I possibly do for them?”

     Deborah teasingly slapped her knee for the joke.  “I’m trying to be serious here, hon.  Look, my great-grandmother has asked us, her family, to track down her husband.  He disappeared in 1934 and she wants to see him or know what’s become of him before she passes away.  I think that it would be so cute if we could find him and bring him back to her.  She loves him so much!”

     “I guess so,” she replied happily.  “To track a man down after all these years, there’s gotta be some love there.  ‘34, right?  He’s probably…it’s a strong chance, you know, that he’s not even around anymore, though.”

     “Oh, I know.  But what if he is?” she said, looking at a photograph on the coffee table.  “I’m sure whatever kept him away all these years won’t stop him from seeing her now.  Not when she needs him most.”

     Theresa looked at the photographs and books scattered on the table.  “What are all of these?”

     “These all have something to do with my family one way or another.  This one is my great-grandfather Joshua,” she said as she handed Theresa the black-and-white photo.  “It was taken at some sort of formal gathering.”  Joshua stood next to a table where a beautiful lady in a white dress sat.  He looked to be a handsome man.  He wore a neat, dark, collar-length hairstyle.  His eyebrows were thin, he had a small, pudgy nose, and a strong face and chin.  From the photo it also appeared that he had a well built upper body and arms.

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