An introduction to Joshua Gibbon, the main character in the story. He is living in Florida when he is approached by two women seeking information.



     A cool breeze brushed ever so gently by the man who appeared to be in his early twenties.  He was sitting on a beach towel, drinking from a bottle of red wine.  The waves were quiet, barely making a sound, as they rolled onto the beach front.  But the man listened intently anyway.  He listened and studied the waves as well as the night sky as if he were waiting for life’s greatest questions to be answered.  He drank again from his bottle and released a heavy sigh.  To his left a couple of beautiful college girls were strolling along the soft sand, giggling.  They both had long hair, short bikinis, and toned bodies.  As they made their way in front of the man they both stopped in his view, trying to get his attention, even talking louder and taking short peeks at him.  Sadly, he would not give his attention so freely and they eventually gave up and moved on.  He sighed once more and drank the last of the wine.  He then pulled his arm back and pitched the bottle into the ocean.  “Oh, how I miss them,” he mumbled before rising to his feet.  He picked up the beach towel and headed back to his two-story beach house.  The wooden steps creaked as he made his way to the front door.  Stepping in, he flicked on the light switch and dropped the towel onto the floor in his path.  Standing still, with the door open, he looked around the room.  The walls were bare with not a picture or mirror hanging.  Not even a clock.  The only furniture was a couch, a small coffee table, and a small entertainment center with a television and a stereo.  He closed the door, and then his eyes.  “I do this every day,” he sighed, “every day.  I have become a repetitive mess every damned day of this accursed life that I lead.  I wake up, I drink, and I sit on the beach, drink, watch a little television, drink, and then…sleep.”  He undressed, throwing his clothes across the room, sat on the couch and turned on the television.  “Every day,” he said, rubbing his temples, “every damned day.”

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