It was sure a bizarre incident but one that has become disturbingly recurring. Authorities have been plagued by questions and demands for answers. In a span of a month there had been thirteen reported incidence of cannibalism. More disturbing is the fact that authorities could not find a trace of relatedness among the victims and more importantly, the perpetrators. Thirteen cases with all victims dead, all perpetrators dead… but for one.

The world is red.

There was nothing familiar about everything around him now. There is no wind blowing in this place. No trace of the things he used to live with, to thrive with. There were only walls and a side that doesn’t look quite like the other walls, and then silence, sterile silence.

It was the silence that rung like alarm through his body.  He bolted up and felt a shot of pain. He could not move. The was something wrapped in his body that restrains him, a dark red tough thing that sends sizzles of pain at his movement. And then it came, like a flash in his eyes.

There was a man howling in pain, he is strapped in a thing like the one restraining him now. The man speaks in strange language but no words were needed to describe what he feels, he can feel it too. Pain in his head, pain in his chest like a boulder has been sat on it and it was hard to breath. And panic. The needle shot came from nowhere and the man wriggled, fighting to free himself from the constraints. Everything the man felt he can feel it. Excruciating pain that seems to travel up his head it felt like bursting and his body felt like it was on fire. The horror of the heat sent him to frightening anger that he could not let himself free. The heat was consuming his strength. The pain in his head was killing him. And then the world turned dark.

In the other side of the observation mirror, Agent Gale Summers and Dr. Harrison watched as the only surviving cannibal had his episode of delirium. By now they both know that it’s over as the subject had passed out.

“Nothing new,” said Summers. He was given the assignment to closely watch the progress of the medical investigation. There was no point in questioning the suspect directly because they find him unresponsive. Most times he just snarls like a dog. The madness in his eyes sometimes gives Summers a little fright. In his mind, this man had a serious case of drug addiction, went too high and never landed. Which is why he is quite unconvinced that this is a medical case, but of course this is headquarters’ order.

“There have been abnormalities found in his blood samples. We are still going further on that lead,” replied Harrison. She has worked on the observation of the subject since he was brought in this lab. The episodes were rarely the same. At times the subjects simply passes out, at others they have to give him a shot to relax when his hysterics don’t seem to end and then there is this now when he screaming like a butchered animal before he passes out. His scans did not show anything unusual. It was however the brain activity that they are closely watching now, but even that could not draw a good lead to what they are dealing with. Last week, HEMA reported a peculiar observation on his blood samples. They are saying that something appears to be growing on it. They ordered fresh sample to look investigate further but no reports yet.

“I’d say give the man to rehab so he would sober up. Maybe we can get a word out from him by then.” Summers is growing impatient. It had been like this since day 1 and somehow the doctors think that this is making progress.

Harrison ignored his remark and went to write on her personal notes:

“Subject appears to be having a recollection of something, possibly triggered by signal straps. Would recommend removing straps to observe body movements during episodes.”

And hastily wrote:

-there was a look of fear in his eyes like a recollection of something horrible that happened, before he became cannibal(?).


Liked it
  • elee on Aug 9, 2012

    very good piece of work

  • Jswana on Sep 20, 2012

    Intriguing share. Got to check to see if I did Part 1. Thanks! :)

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